Arusha to Manyara National Park day trip

Arusha to Manyara National Park day trip : Enjoy the incredible whole day to explore the beauty of nature that Manyara national park has to offer, if you have the limited and you want to have a quick tour then this national park. Having variety of wild animals in a small area is amazing as the animals will be easily seen in short time and done day will be enough.  The Lake Manyara national park is located on the northern part of Tanzania at the basement of the great rift valley on its western part.  Two third of this national park is made up of the shadow soda lake, the lake natron which is well decorated by thousands of the pink flamingos.

It takes 2 hours’ drive from Arusha city center towards Manyara national park, along the way you will have the perfect sight of the sunrise as you will begin your day early around 6 am right after breakfast. The Manyara national park is well known because of its tree climbing lions that are only found in this national park and also because of its abundance availability of the pink flamingos that surrounds the Lake Natron and makes it colorful throughout the year.

Just at the gates of the Manyara national park, the large baboons will be ready to receive you as they are they will be jumping from one tree to the other, they have inhabited on the green forest that is found in Manyara national park.

Activities to be done while on the day trip

The Lake Manyara national park covers the total area of about 330 square kilometers of which 200 square kilometer is cover by Lake Natron. It can take up to 5 hours for you to go around the whole national park and enjoy the spectacular environment of this national park.

Game drive is one of the key activities that you will take part in while visiting the Manyara national park. The Manyara national park has variety of habitat which is the main attraction for the abundance wild animals that are found here. While on the game drive you will have the opportunity to see different wild animals such as giraffes, wildebeest, buffalos, zebras, elephants, hyenas, leopards, tree climbing lions and many more just to mention a few.

Bird watching activities:  apart from thousands of pink flamingos found in this national park, the Manyara national park is the paradise for the bird watchers as there are about 400 different birds’ species that have been recorded.  In this just few hours to this national park you will be able to spot over 100 different color birds while their beautiful chirming voices will not stop entertaining you.

 In the middle of the day you will have the picnic lunch while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the landscape of Manyara national park.  You will have lunch at the picnic tables that are arranged and they are spots that offers the perfect scenery for different animals as well as birds, be careful with your meals as they baboons might snatch your meal,  Arusha to Manyara National Park day trip.

After lunch you will have a little time to rest then head for another game drive before deciding to drive back to Arusha city at your hotels room it will a memorable day and experience to you.

What is lake Manyara famous for?

Arusha to Manyara National Park day trip
Lake Manyara National Park

 The lake Manyara is well known for the climbing tree lions, the large herds of elephants and abundance wildlife. The lake Manyara national park is well known also because of the its unique and spectacular landscape as well as the availability of many bird species.

Why is lake Manyara a top tourist attraction? 

Its spectacular game is the main reason that Lake Manyara national park is also the top tourist attraction in Tanzania. The park is well known because of its large herds of Zebras, elephants as well as the wildebeest. It also has so many giraffes and buffalos as well as the tree climbing lion.

Is Lake Manyara worthy visiting?

Yes, its worthy visiting the Manyara national park as it has a lot to offer and will definitely have the unique and unforgettable experience here. The Manyara national park is worthy visiting because of its abundant of wildlife, many bird species as well as the beautiful landscapes.