Tanzania Beautiful Islands

Tanzania Beautiful Islands : Tanzania offers incredible Tanzania safari experiences, a vibrant native African culture, and of course, Mount Kilimanjaro. You still won’t want to miss its exciting coastal life, though! For this reason, seeing Tanzania’s islands is essential if you want to experience Tanzania at its finest. Even though you are in the centre of East Africa, the lush, paradisiacal beaches practically give the impression that you are in the Caribbean. Now let’s explore Tanzania’s amazing underwater biodiversity! Discover its upscale resorts, palm-lined, azure blue and white sand beaches, and more. The most well-liked and exclusive islands in Tanzania are listed here for your ideal beach getaway. Be motivated! Select your preferred island and design your own itinerary, or pick one of the packages put together by our professionals!

Zanzibar Island

Known as Africa’s tropical paradise, Zanzibar Island is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches on the planet. Here, the crystal-clear azure Indian Ocean envelops miles upon miles of white sand beaches peppered with palm palms. Zanzibar, Pemba Island, and numerous other smaller islands comprise the Zanzibar Archipelago. In addition to a rich history, a vibrant culture, and a wide range of activities, Zanzibar Island offers a relaxed beach lifestyle. You can swim with tropical reef fish and explore the breathtaking coral reefs, or you can take a spice tour. The island of Zanzibar offers everything needed to provide an amazing vacation. Here are our personal picks for the top three places to stay and the best itineraries to visit Zanzibar Island.

Pemba Island

One of the lesser-known islands in the Zanzibar Archipelago is Pemba Island. Still, it’s a well-liked location for honeymoons. This is the place to be if you’re searching for relaxation, peace, and a romantic setting! For snorkelers and divers, the entire island’s coral reefs provide an incredible playground. The Pemba Channel is similar to an underwater paradise with its abundant marine life. Numerous vibrant fish, sharks, dolphins, and even whales can be seen here. Make sure to check out the variety of waters ports available. From wind, kite, and kayaking to a romantic sunset sail on a classic sailing vessel, there are plenty of options.

The green island is another name for Pemba Island. The primary causes are the heavy foliage, the verdant slopes, and the rich, fertile soil. Because of this, this unspoiled island is home to numerous forests, mango trees, and enormous clove farms. A third of the population makes their living from fishing and small-scale agricultural (rice, cassava, bananas, cloves, and cinnamon). Finally, but just as impressive, Pemba has amazing species above and below sea level. The island is also home to flying foxes, vervet monkeys, and bush babies! Combining a visit to Pemba Island with a stay at Mafia Island, Zanzibar Island, or a mainland Tanzania safari is an option. Get in touch with us if you would like customised guidance on how to include Pemba Island in your safari schedule.

Mnemba Island

Beyond, a luxury safari firm, owns Mnemba Island, an exclusive barefoot paradise off the northeast coast of Zanzibar. This island is surrounded by a triangle-shaped reef that is a part of the Marine Protected Area. The reef offers breathtaking views of the ocean, corals, fish, and scuba diving sites.

Where to stay

For those on a more generous budget, the & Beyond Mnemba Island Lodge offers nothing less than first-rate, elegant luxury. Beautiful, yet casual, rustic-chic bandas are available on the beach from the lodge. There are just twelve bandas, with a capacity of twenty-four people at most. There is a boardwalk connecting the two family bandas. Gazing onto the spotless sandy beach from your banda, you can see the Casuarina pine forest beyond. Here, on your very own section of seashore, you may unwind! You’ll get amazing views of the neighbouring city of Zanzibar as well as the beach from the dining and bar area. Every banda is equipped with a personal butler who comes to your beachside veranda late in the morning to offer you fresh juice, tropical fruits, and Tanzanian coffee.

Mafia Island

Mafia Island is the ideal getaway from the hectic and fast-paced everyday existence. There are very few tourists and no paved roads because this island is still unspoiled and clean. Like a few decades back in Zanzibar. The people on the island are amiable and the atmosphere is tranquil. Mafia is bordered by some of the world’s richest coral reefs and is a part of the Zanzibar Archipelago. With its mangrove forests, lagoons, and coral reefs, Mafia Island Marine Park occupies over half of the island’s coastline. The Indian Ocean’s largest protected area is this one. Snorkelers and divers love the barrier reef. It boasts around 460 fish species and 50 distinct kinds of coral! The amazing and unadulterated diving sites in Mafia are still well-kept secrets. The majority of the island is covered in mangrove woods, so the empty beaches are not as expansive as those in Zanzibar but are nonetheless stunning. The island’s most notable feature is its vibrant marine life. This is the location where one may observe whale sharks, humpback whales, and turtles. Mafia Island is a special location for tourists and newlyweds to relax following their Tanzanian safari.

Tanzania Beautiful Islands
Mafia Island

Fanjove Island

Situated south of Mafia Island, the Fanjove Private Island is a component of the Songo Songo Archipelago, a collection of five islands. The varied aquatic and terrestrial flora and animals of this fascinating planet are sustained by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Many turtles come here to deposit their eggs on the island between April and July thanks to the coral reefs. Additionally, schools of dolphins make an island visit on occasion. Numerous bird species that stop over on the island during their migratory journey can also be seen. The island becomes a colourful haven in January when the butterflies arrive! Additionally, you can observe humpback whales as they pass through this area of the Indian Ocean between May and September.

The all-inclusive island has plenty to offer! From kayaking and mangrove tours to lunches on sandbanks and sunsets in dhow boats with a bottle of wine. The Eco bungalows on Fanjove Island are six solar-powered, naturally constructed bandas that are favourable to the environment. The eco-suits are built to utilise as much natural light, space, and energy as possible. You may take in the island’s splendour in a way that is most personal with the second-floor seating space and outside open-concept bathroom. Ideal location for a romantic getaway for a couple or for a group of travellers seeking an exclusive yet distinctive stay on a Tanzanian island.

Chumbe Island

A private nature reserve that has won awards is called Chumbe Island Coral Park. It is situated close to Stone Town, just a few kilometres off Zanzibar’s southwest coast. There is a forest reserve and a fully protected coral reef sanctuary within the reserve. It is home to historical sites, outdoor walks, a small eco-lodge, a visitor and education centre, and unique fauna. Eco-technology underpins every building and function, with the goal of having no negative environmental effects.

In a lot of ways, lodging on Chumbe Island is truly exceptional. Even when the resort is full, it feels quite roomy because there is just one lodge on the island and only seven bungalows. These seven bungalows have such creative designs that they offer a sense of open-air living while also offering solitude. Every bungalow has a view of the ocean, and you can walk from your hammock to the warm, tropical water at your feet in about 30 seconds. The island’s unique marine environment is taken into careful account even when dining there. In addition to serving up mouth-watering Arabic, Indian, African, and Zanzibari cuisine, they also have a fish procurement programme that guarantees sustainable seafood gathering.