Activities in Arusha National Park : The small national park of Arusha is located on Tanzania’s northern safari circuit. Although the park is only a few kilometers north of Arusha, the main gate is 25 kilometers east of the city. Moshi town is 58 kilometers away, while Kilimanjaro International Airport is 35 kilometers away. Mount Meru, a notable volcano in the Arusha Region in north-eastern Tanzania with an elevation of 4566 meters, is protected by Arusha National Park. The park is modest, yet it has three separate zones with stunning landscapes. The Jekukumia River is funneled through the Meru Crater in the west, with Mount Meru’s peak on its rim. In the south-east, Ngurdoto Crater is grassland, while the shallow alkaline Momella Lakes in the north-east feature varied algae colors and are famed for their wading birds.

The park is known for having some of the most diverse wildlife populations, including a large number of giraffes, as well as bird species and Mount Meru. Mount Meru is Tanzania’s second-tallest peak, after Mount Kilimanjaro, and Africa’s fifth-greatest mountain. Arusha National Park is located on a 300-kilometer axis that connects the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater in the west and Kilimanjaro National Park in the east. Having access to a number of different attractions, Arusha National Park is one of the greatest short Tanzania tours where you can experience fantastic tourism activities and make your visit to Arusha National Park even more enjoyable. Arusha National Park may be explored and enjoyed in one day, two days, or up to six days if you want to see everything the park has to offer. Some of the top tourism activities to do in Arusha National Park are listed below.

Mount Meru hiking

The primary attraction of the Arusha National Park are Mount Meru and the animals, which visitors planning a Tanzania safari to this area can experience. Arusha is located at the base of Mount Meru, which, at 4,562 meters, is slightly smaller than Kilimanjaro but still offers a tough and rewarding hiking adventure. Mount Meru is typically climbed in three to four days, including hiking to the summit and descending the mountain.

Hiking Mount meru

This Mount Kilimanjaro’s smaller brother is frequently disregarded, despite being Tanzania’s second-highest mountain and Africa’s fifth-largest mountain. Mount Meru is regarded as an alternate adventure to Mount Kilimanjaro, and it is also recommended that before ascending Tanzania’s tallest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, you take on a challenge to Mount Meru to stay in shape for Mount Kilimanjaro. Despite its underappreciation, Mount Meru is one of the must-see attraction in Tanzania and Arusha national park since it still has it all: adventure, fun mountain cabins along the way, and spectacular views and scenery from the ash cone and crescent volcano crater’s peak. When trekking Mount Meru on a clear day, you’ll enjoy spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro, which is around 50 miles away and close to Moshi town, Activities in Arusha National Park.

Game drives

This is another tourist activity to undertake in Arusha National Park, which has numerous unique attractions such as vast populations of wild animals, particularly giraffes. The game drives in the Arusha national park can be arranged or done early in the morning, afternoon, or night, with the early morning game drive being the best of all because most of the animals in the Serengeti Ndogo are easy to see and observe in the morning and get scarce as the afternoon progresses. In addition to wild creatures, during the game drive at Arusha National Park, you will be able to witness a variety of habitats as well as a variety of bird species. If you want to see as much wildlife as possible, go on a game drive during the dry season.

Walking Safari

Arusha National Park does not have as many predators as other well-known Tanzanian parks, such as Serengeti and Ngorongoro. As a result, the walking safari is simple to undertake and can be done in peace without being bothered by dangerous creatures. Walking freely alongside Tanzania’s habitats and wildlife provides visitors with a completely unique experience, since it is the only tourism activity that allows visitors to get up close and personal with Tanzania’s nature and wildlife. On a walking safari in Arusha National Park, you’ll be walking at the foot of Mt. Meru, surrounded by verdant woods, lakes, waterfalls, and a large population of giraffes. Besides giraffes and other wild animals, the Colobus monkey, which may often be seen swinging from trees in Arusha National Park, is one of the highlights under this tourism activity. Even though there are no much predators in the area, the walking safari is always accompanied by an armed park ranger to ensure your protection.

Canoeing on Lake Momella

The Momella lakes, which is located within Arusha National Park and is home to the park’s flamingos, is a perfect site to go on a canoe safari and appreciate the beauty of Arusha National Park. Follow the shorelines of little Momella Lake on a tranquil and gorgeous canoeing excursion. On this two-and-a-half-hour canoe safari, you’ll see buffaloes, bushbuck, giraffes, hippos, and a variety of water birds that live near or in the water. Arusha National Park, along with Lake Manyara National Park, is the only site on Tanzania’s northern safari circuit where you can go canoeing.

Canoeing in Momella Lake

Bird watching

Arusha National Park is one of the few parks in Tanzania and Africa, where bird watching is worthwhile. Beautiful bird-watching opportunities may be found in Arusha National Park, particularly in the Momella Lakes. Over 400 distinct migrant and resident bird species can be found in the national park. small grebes, eagles, pochards, geese, hamerkop, red shark, spurwinged goose, woodpecker, herons, secretary birds, and grey parrots are among the most well-known bird species in the Arusha National Park. The park features both permanent and migratory birds, and due to its many environments, the Arusha National Park hosts a variety of bird species, including water-loving birds, woodland birds, and open plain birds. Bird watching in this national park is well done during the wet season, which is the rainy months when most of the birds have arrived from different parts of the world, Activities in Arusha National Park.

Visit the Ngurdoto Museum.

The Ngurdoto Museum is one of the national park’s attractions, where visitors can explore and take in some of the park’s natural splendor. The Ngurdoto Museum, which overlooks the Ngurdoto Forest with its population of black and white colobus monkeys, includes an outstanding collection of representatives of the park’s numerous animals, birds, and insects. Egrets, grey herons, kingfishers, and fish eagles, as well as butterflies, primates, and reptiles, make the area an excellent site for nature lovers and birders.

Other Arusha national park tourism activities or things to do include visiting different water falls that are found inside the national park, such as the cave waterfalls and Tululusia waterfall, visiting the local people in the Arusha region, such as the resident Waarusha tribes and the Maasai tribes, going on a local coffee tour, visiting Arusha town, etc.