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One of the most important decisions any traveler has to make is choosing the right Tanzania tour operators for the safari. The right operator may give you a trip to remember while with a wrong one you may suffer disaster.

It is important to make sure that the tour operator you are choosing is legitimate and registered by the relevant bodies. There are a number of options available to find good and legitimate Tanzanian tour operators like Arusha safaris, wildebeest migration, Ngorongoro crater among others. You can book directly with a Tanzanian ground handler or you can choose an outbound operator within your area who acts as a middle man between you and the ground handler.

Best Tanzania Tour Operators

Focus East Africa Tours

Tel: +255-737-313-864

Achieve Global Safaris
Tel: +256-392-177-904

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If you would like to book your tour directly with Tanzanian tour operators what better way to find one than on the wild wide web. There are a number of them in there but here are few guidelines on how to choose a good one.

  • A regularly updated website is a good site: rates, dates of group departures, a regularly published blog are some of the things you could look out for as positive traits.
  • A well detailed and working contact page is a good sign as well as a permanent address. It would be better if the email address given has the company’s domain name it adds a sense of authenticity. And if the numbers listed when called are picked up and answered professionally adds an extra credit as well as promptly answered mails.
  • A page with names and pictures of the staff team is a good idea.
  • The pictures on the website should be authentic and not the common pictures that are on every other site as well as the content on the site.
  • Recent reviews from clients on the operators website is a good sign as well as mention of names of guides and other operatives backed with some picture if possible.

Once you have checked the authenticity of the website now it is time to check on a few other things that can help you to choose a legitimate Tanzania tour operators

Once you have contacted the tour operator it is important to request for a detailed itinerary alongside the price and what is included. The detailed itinerary gives you the places, activities and time. Good Tanzania tour operators will custom make your tour based on what you want and the time except in cases of departure groups. It is based to compare the price of the tour based on the offer or what is included rather than the cheapest or most expensive.

Better yet you can call the tour operator rather than email them and also ask for some pictures of equipment like vehicles as well as any information that you feel is vital to you and an authentic Tanzania tour operators should be able to avail you almost all these with minimal effort.

Third party reviews on platforms like trip advisor are a good way to of receiving first hand information about Tanzania tour operators from an objective party. Although Inspite of their regulation there is still room for maliciousness and fake reviews. Look out for the quality of the reviews and the company’s response especially to the negative ones.

Social media is a tremendously rising trend wild wide as a place to express oneself and share experience. so how about hoping on to the social media pages of these companies and check out what they do there .

All in all deciding good Tanzania tour operators may not be Child’s play with some of these tips it could help and also following your guts would be a good idea. Also checking with accommodation facilities that you have been given if they know anything about the company can be a good idea although some lodges are tour operator owned too.

Deciding on the best Tanzania tour operators for your safari or trekking trip is not an easy decision. Follow our tips above and in the end – let your guts and your heart decide. Then you can look forward to a memorable trip of a lifetime!