Best Things to Do In Zanzibar

Best Things to Do In Zanzibar : You want to make the most of your vacation safari experiences, whether they are tours, excursions, or simply lounging by the pool or spa. Although you might think Zanzibar is a little island, you’ll be shocked to learn that there are a lot of sights and activities to choose from.

Every area of Zanzibar, from its charming cities to its stunning beaches, offers a wealth of experiences that you won’t want to miss, as you tour the island.

If you’re looking for something absolutely unique to do in Zanzibar, we’ll share our list of the top ten safari activities. In addition to being entertaining, these activities provide a genuine opportunity to fully experience the splendour of this magnificent island. Discover the exclusive tips for an amazing trip to Zanzibar by continuing to read.

Jozani Forest Tour.

A fascinating private trip of the stunning Jozani-Chwaka Bay National Park kicks off this list. Discover the distinct evolution of the island’s species, cut off from the mainland, as you watch Colobus monkeys here as they gracefully move through the forest reserve.

Along the way, you’ll pass enormous mahogany and eucalyptus trees and observe a wide variety of species, including African paradise flycatchers, Forest Batis, and Mangrove kingfishers.

Prepare your camera for a possible sighting of Indian Ocean tropical fish darting between the roots as the mangrove walk leads you above the swamp.

Stone Town and Spice Tour.

You shouldn’t miss this tour, which offers an all-day journey through a world heritage site with several exquisite buildings reflecting a civilization influenced by Europe, Africa, the Arab world, and India.

You can gaze at the cathedral, see the old slave markets, see the Sultan Palace, enter the old Arabic fort, and take in the famous Zanzibar doors while meandering around these quaint alleyways.

Consider going to the Jambo Spice Farm afterward so you may experience the fragrant world of Zanzibar’s spices. Not only can you explore the assortment of spices here, but you can also help the neighbourhood by buying handcrafted goods.

Nungwi Village Tour.

You can learn how the locals make a livelihood by observing how they fish and farm, which will pique your interest in witnessing some of the conservation efforts, particularly with the hawksbill and green turtles, where you can go up close and feed them.

In order to give your tour a bit of a change of pace and conclude it with a Swahili-style lunch, this tour also gives you the opportunity to meet local bootmakers and observe how they manufacture boats from scratch.

Looking for the greatest things to do in Zanzibar? This expedition can let you fully immerse yourself in the local way of life. While you tour the village, be prepared to have a comprehensive schedule.

Dolphin Tour.

A boat safari in the morning would be worth considering for those want to view some fascinating wildlife. You will be able to interact closely and personally with adorable bottlenose dolphins here. You can even go one step further and have a swim in Menai Bay with these amiable dolphins if you’re feeling very daring.

All of the people in your group may enjoy the wonderful opportunity to observe them in their natural environment, and if you’re on a tour, the guide can provide some fascinating facts about these amazing animals.

You may also sign up for an island snorkeling excursion in the vicinity to see the vibrant fish and varied ecosystems of these gorgeous tropical seas. One of the best things to do in Zanzibar is an animal tour; it’s an unforgettable safari experience!

Kuza Cave Tour.

Situated atop a striking cliff that juts out into the sea, the well-known rock restaurant is a must-visit safari destination for tourists. After this fascinating visit, you’ll be able to swim and explore the cave nearby.

This safari gives you the chance to see Zanzibar’s hidden gems as well as gain insight from an experienced guide that will deepen your understanding of the history and culture of the island. It’s a great method to find Zanzibar’s hidden treasures.

You can take a plunge in the crystal-clear mineral water pool located inside an old limestone cave, and you’ll emerge feeling rejuvenated and full of energy for the remainder of your journey.

Cheetah’s Rock.

One of the greatest things to do in Zanzibar, Tanzania, is to visit Cheetah’s Rock. Inside this rescue and conservation centre, you can feed and get up close and personal with cheetahs, lemurs, monkeys, gazelles, and even tigers. It’s a unique Tanzania safari experience.

The experience may be made even more intimate and educational by having a conversation with the center’s guides, who can go into additional detail about the job they perform and the history of each animal.

Being around these magnificent animals is truly one of life’s unique safari experiences, and it might even change the way you view them.

If you’re not much for trips or tours, why not just pack for the beach and do something easy?

Some of Zanzibar’s most stunning beaches can be found here, with immaculate white sand and breathtaking blue sea that will wow you.

Soak a stroll around during low tide, or just relax on a blanket and soak in the tranquil surroundings. If you have children and are searching for a spot where they may roam freely, this beach is also a terrific choice.

Prison Island.

Your exploration of a refuge brimming with wildlife, including a former prison, is in store for you. From Stone Town’s harbor, a short 30-minute boat ride gets you to this fascinating location.

The Aldabra tortoises, who walk the island freely and wait to connect with you, are the real stars of this location. Definitely the highlight of the visit is getting to feed and interact with them!

You can ask a tour to give you details on the area’s rich history if you’re feeling really curious.

Best Things to Do In Zanzibar
Prison Island

For individuals who enjoy the outdoors and wildlife and are looking for a convenient opportunity to interact with it, the visit to Prison Island can be a terrific way to kill time or serve as a stop on your vacation. You never quite know what pleasant surprises are waiting for you there because of the variety of experiences it has to offer.

Sauti Za Busara.

The Old Fort is hosting a unique event that you won’t want to miss if you’re eager to become fully immersed in the rich musical traditions of Africa. There are fringe activities all over Stone Town for this cultural event, which culminates in a vibrant funfair street procession. This celebration is usually held in February every year.

You’ll find a wide variety of voices here, from experienced pros to upcoming musicians, all of whom share music with strong cultural identity roots. You have the chance to enhance your experience in a way that is genuinely captivating and immersive. This is one of the best things to do in Zanzibar, so give it some thought!

The Safari Blue Cruise.

This experience is available in Fumba village. While on board, you can snorkel, attempt dhow sailing, visit sandbank stops, or explore a mangrove lagoon. A seafood feast featuring the best locally grown and harvested fruit is also served.

You’ll be able to observe dolphins in a couple locations while the boat circles Kwale Island. There’s always a chance to learn something new because you can visit the island and enjoy the atmosphere that this welcoming community offers.