Why visit Dar es Salaam?

Why go to Dar es Salaam? Why visit Dar es Salaam? The main city in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, is situated on the Indian Ocean coast and is inhabited by a diverse population. The city, which is well-known for its beaches, islands, seafood, and music, is teeming with activities for all kinds of visitors.

Dar es Salaam, which in Arabic means “abode of calm,” is Tanzania’s biggest and busiest city despite its name. It is located directly on the Indian Ocean and serves as the nation’s most significant commercial and business hub. Due to its prime location for accessing both Tanzania’s and Zanzibar’s beaches and wilderness areas, it serves as the primary port of call for the majority of tourists.

If you’re thinking of taking a vacation to East Africa, Dar es Salaam is perhaps the nicest city in Tanzania to spend time with your family and loved ones. Tanzania’s largest city is situated in a serene bay on the coast of the Indian Ocean, and one of the country’s top tourist destinations is its bustling harbor.

The largest airport in Tanzania, the Mwalimu Julius Nyerere International Airport, is located in Dar es Salaam, which serves as Tanzania’s main entry point. Many travelers just pass through Dar es Salaam on their way to Tanzania’s other natural areas, wildlife refuges, and islands. Some will travel to the northern Tanzanian safari parks of Arusha, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Ngorongoro, and Serengeti National Park for a wildlife safari, while others will climb Mount Kilimanjaro and travel to Zanzibar Island for a beach vacation. Dar es Salaam, though, is a fantastic place to visit on its own, even if you aren’t doing anything else in the nation. These are ten reasons to travel to Dar es Salaam.

  1. Village Museum Kijitonyama

The Village Museum is tucked away in Dar es Salaam, a thriving metropolis. One of the most fascinating things to do in this location is to get to know and understand the various Tanzanian tribes. In this outdoor museum, which is situated in the Kijitonyama district along the Bagamoyo road, ancient homes have been meticulously recreated. Villages also exhibit talents that have aided them in thriving in these settings, such as pottery, carving, and weaving. Experience and practice their customs through tribal cultural events and live performances of traditional dances.

  1. National Museum of Tanzania

This museum, which was established in 1934 and is located in Dar es Salaam on Shaaban Robert Street, preserves Tanzania’s history and culture. In 1940, this lovely museum was fully opened to the public. The museum, which was created to honor King George the Fifth, is home to a variety of traditional crafts, significant fossils from our earliest ancestors, and exquisite decorations that provide a thorough understanding of Tanzania’s rich history. The National Museum of Tanzania should undoubtedly be on your bucket list, regardless of whether you’re coming to Tanzania to learn more about its culture or to go on a Wildlife safari in Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater.

  1. Joseph Cathedral

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Tanzania, then sightseeing is crucial to a wonderful experience. There are many different tastes of Tanzanian life to experience when exploring a city like Dar es Salaam with its old-world charm, whether it be the stunning churches, museums, picturesque beaches, or the lively local markets.

One such treasure that you can see on your subsequent trip to Dar es Salaam is the gorgeously crafted Roman Catholic St. Joseph Cathedral, which was initially constructed by the Germans between 1897 and 1902. It features Gothic architecture. The stunning vaulted interior stained glass windows, which are without a doubt the cathedral’s most distinguishing feature and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dar es Salaam, are among the epigraphs, artworks, and other decorations that fill this church.

  1. Askari Monument

This monument honors the Askari British Corps soldiers who gave courageous service in World War One. It is situated between Azikwe Street and Samba Avenue. It is a must-see for history buffs and tourists because of the bronze statue of an Askari soldier holding a weapon with a bayonet aimed toward the harbor and the numerous placards in Swahili, Arabic, Latin, and English that provide information about the history of the conflict.

  1. Azania Front Lutheran Church

German missionaries constructed one of Tanzania’s most well-known churches in 1898, and it formerly served as the hub for all German missions in the country. This famous building in Dar es Salaam includes lovely gardens where guests may repose. You might have the good fortune to see one of the several choir practices that the church is famous for.

  1. Mbudya Island

When you take a motorboat from the city, departing from Slipway on the Msasani peninsula, you can reach this lovely coral island from the mainland in a matter of minutes. The quiet island is the ideal hideaway for you and your family to unwind while swimming, snorkeling, and tanning. On the beach, you can rent your very own Banda, or thatched cottage. One of the most popular day trips from the city is to Mbudya Island.

Why visit Dar es Salaam?
Mbudya Island
  1. Bongoyo Island

This island, which is a part of the Dar es Salaam marine conservation area, is only four miles north of the city. One of Tanzania’s most popular island getaways is Bongoyo, where you can unwind, stretch your legs, and go swimming or snorkeling in the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean. Visit Bongoyo Island to experience nature in its purest form.

  1. Kivukoni Fish Market

The Kivukoni Fish Market offers an insight into Dar es Salaam’s past as a fishing community. Enjoy Tanzania’s harbor life by shopping for fish, crabs, squid, and snapper. Best Practice: When shopping, haggle for the lowest price. At Kivukoni market, one of the best places to find fish in Dar es Salaam, visitors can also indulge in wonderful seafood meals that have just been freshly made. In front of the harbor line is where you’ll find the Kivukoni fish market. Early in the morning, fishing boats arrive to unload their recent catch. So be sure to go early in the day to see the market in full swing, Why visit Dar es Salaam?

  1. Coco Beach

Are you in Dar es Salaam and looking to have a nice time partying or relaxing on the beach with a beer? The preferred location is Coco Beach, which offers a tranquil and quiet atmosphere during the day and a music-filled atmosphere at night as locals throw festivals and holiday beach parties there. In addition to shopping at the numerous market stalls, Coco Beach, one of the nicest and most well-liked beaches in the city, is situated in Oyster Bay. As a result of the restaurants’ excellent cuisine, you can taste delectable delicacies during cultural celebrations.

  1. Mwenge Woodcarvers Village

At Mwenge Woodcarvers Village, examine the purest manifestation of ancient art. The markets in this area, which is located in the center of Dar es Salaam, are crowded with expert carvers creating various artifacts, one of which is the distinctively shaped and varied wooden marks. A wooden mask is a highly popular thing to purchase in the market, and prices are very negotiable, so don’t forget to haggle when making your purchase. Browse for more lovely and distinctive items.