Which National Park Is Closest To Arusha?

Arusha national park

Which National Park Is Closest To Arusha? Arusha National park is the only national park known to be situated near Arusha town, which is a popular destination where tourists can always visit while they are on a safari in Tanzania. In addition, this national park is located in the Northeastern region in Arusha region and it is situated in a distance of about 25 kilometers from the East of Arusha town and about 35 kilometers from Kilimanjaro international airport. Arusha national park is considered to be among the smallest national parks in the country, which covers a total surface area of about 137 square kilometers. more so, Arusha National park is surrounded with so many beautiful physical features such as; Meru crater funnels, peak of mount meru which is located within west region of the park, momella lakes, Ngurdoto crater, jekukumia river and it is surrounded beautiful landscapes and there are so many activities to do in the park and so many attractions which lead many people to travel and visit within the park which include the following;

Tourist attractions in Arusha National Park.

Wildlife species.

Arusha national park is a good destination to travel to while on your adventurous safari because it is a home to over a large population of so many wildlife species that tourists can be able to sight see while they tour around the park and some of these  animals include the following; shy red duikers, giraffe, cape buffalos, leopards, kirk’s dik dik, leopards, zebras, warthogs, and more primate species  such as; blue monkeys, and white colobus monkeys and these animals can best be spotted while on game drives.


Arusha national park is also a perfect destinations for touring to while on a birding safari because it harbours around 400 bird species which include; red billed fire finch, quali finch, African fire finch, baglafecht weaver, taveta golden, spectacled weaver, red-headed weaver, collared sunbird, olive sunbird, Amethyst sunbird, African dusky flycatcher, spotted flycatcher, white-eyed slaty-flycatcher, cape robin-chat, violet-backed starling, red-winged starling, Eastern mountain greenbul, yellow-bellied greenbul, hunters cisticola, stripe checked greenbul, rattling cisticola, siffling cisticola, Narina trogon, Egyptain goose, Augur buzzard, black swing swing, bearded vulture, cinnamon-chested bee-eater, silvery-cheecked hornbill, cape robin chat, violet-backed starling, pink flamingoes, kingfishers  and many others.  More so, this national park is surrounded with a series of good vegetation cover, which consists of savannah grasslands, forests, which makes it to be a perfect home.

Momela Lakes.

Around Arusha national park, there are many shallow alkaline lakes such as; Momela lakes which is considered to be the big one in size and others like; Kusare, El Kekhotoito, Rishateni, Tulusia, Lekandiro and many others. More so, visiting around these lakes gives you chances to sight see so many beautiful birds and animals.

Tourists should know that there are so many other more attractions within this park such as; Mount Meru which is a magnificent beautiful feature that is also ranked to be the 6th highest mountain in Africa and also considered to be second highest mountain in Tanzania. And there is also the Ngurdoto crater which is about 3 kilometers steep-sided bowl that is surrounded by riverine forests and a green lush swamp on the bottom of the crater and tourists can always walk through the different trails in order to explore whereby they get chances to see many animals such as; African buffalos, elephants and primate species like baboons, monkeys and also see birds like; spur winged geese, hammerkop and herons among others.

Which National Park Is Closest To Arusha?
Momella Lakes

Activities done in Arusha National Park.

Exploring around Arusha National gives you great opportunities to engage in many activities where they learn new experiences and mark their safari as a successful one such as; wildlife viewing due to the fact that this park is a home to many wildlife animals that are always available for people to see, bird watching which is best done during the dry season between months of June to October, Canoe safaris which is best done from a peaceful lake like Momella and always goes for about 2-3 hours and tourists always get chances to see many animal waters like; hippopotamus, giraffes, bushbucks and many others. more so, individuals can also opt to embark onto other activities like; guided nature walks and they choose to visit places like; the stunning waterfalls, Jekukumia river and Lake Momela where they see many animals and birds and they always accompanied with park guides whose role is to lead them through different trails and ensure the safety of both the animals and people during the walks.

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