Tourist activities to do in Moshi Town

Tourist activities to do in Moshi Town, Tanzania: One of the most picturesque cities in Tanzania to visit and explore is Moshi, which offers a wide variety of attractions and activities for people of all ages and income levels. The town of Moshi is situated in a beautiful area, being close to the Serengeti, Arusha, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro, and Tarangire national parks, which makes it simple to visit and explore these other important parks during your Moshi Tanzania safari tour.

Again, Moshi’s proximity to Mount Kilimanjarothe tallest mountain in Africa—allows for a breathtaking view of the summit from the town. Looking for other top Moshi activities and attractions besides the wildlife safari and hiking Mount Kilimanjaro? We have chosen seven of the best things to do in Moshi that you can do either before or after your northern Tanzania safari or Mount Kilimanjaro climbing safari.

  1. Marangu day trip activities

A full-day hike through Marangu village is one of the Marangu day tour in Moshi. The distance from Moshi town is roughly 40 kilometers. The headquarters of Kilimanjaro National Park are located in Marangu hamlet. Hikers beginning the Marangu Trail of Mount Kilimanjaro begin their journey here. You can engage in a variety of activities in Marangu village, such as sampling the local cuisine and brews. You can make coffee, meet a blacksmith, go on a historical tour of Chagga, and enjoy a waterfall. A day trip to Marangu must be on your list of things to do in Moshi.

  1. Kikuletwa Hot Springs

A stunning location for relaxation, swimming, and fish massage is Kikuletwa Hot Springs, also known as Chemka Hot Springs. Your body will undoubtedly feel refreshed by the turquoise, crystal-clear water of the Kikuletwa hot springs. As the name implies, the water is not actually hot. Coming from Mount Kilimanjaro, it is actually extremely reviving. Depending on what you choose to accomplish, a journey to Kikuletwa Hot Springs can last a few hours or a whole day. There are numerous local cuisine vendors. Consider trying some regional cuisine. Usually, people pack a picnic lunch and settle down close to the springs, Tourist activities to do in Moshi Town.

  1. Visit Lake Chala

An hour’s drive from Moshi town is Lake Chala. Peace and gorgeous scenery can be found at Lake Chala. At Lake Chala, you may go kayaking, hiking, picnicking, and birdwatching, among other things. In Lake Chala, swimming and fishing are prohibited. The distance from the lake to the Tanzania-Kenya border is around 8 kilometers. Lake Chala is between 70 and 90 cm deep. Walls that are nearly vertical and up to 100 meters high encircle it. The water in this beautiful lake changes from turquoise to deep blue to green depending on the season. Subaerial streams from Mount Kilimanjaro feed the lake. Through tunnels below ground, it empties into Lake Jipe, a nearby lake. You can see Mount Kilimanjaro from here on a clear day. Tsavo National Park in Kenya is adjacent to Lake Chala. As a result, elephants that travel back and forth between Tanzania and Kenya may occasionally be visible, Tourist activities to do in Moshi Town.

  1. Materuni Waterfalls

A trip to the Materuni waterfall provides a rare opportunity to see a genuine Chagga tribal community. The distance from Moshi town to Materuni waterfall is around 15 kilometers. The settlement is the final one before Kilimanjaro National Park. During your visit, you will go on a village tour to learn about the daily lives of the residents and the Chagga tribe’s culture. You’ll get the chance to prepare coffee the Chagga way. Coffee farming is the region’s most important economic industry, which you will have the opportunity to learn about. The best experience is swimming in the 150-meter-high waterfall’s water. To get to Materuni waterfalls, you will enjoy a wonderful 30-minute hike through agricultural terrain and dense jungle.

Tourist activities to do in Moshi Town
Materuni waterfalls
  1. Moshi City Tour

With this tour, you can gain insight into daily life in Moshi town. You will tour nearby markets, grocery stores, churches, old buildings, and streets. You will have the opportunity to visit a nearby coffee shop during this trip and purchase a cup of coffee. You will eat lunch in the late afternoon at one of the elegant eateries that provide both regional and global cuisines. Visit a club at the end of your city tour in Moshi to experience the local nightlife. You have the opportunity to assist regional businesspeople by shopping for souvenirs on the Moshi city tour.

  1. Rau Forest Tour

The Rau Woodland Tour will undoubtedly transport you to an authentic African forest. Wildlife and cultural experiences are what we refer to as a Rau Forest Reserve trip. There is a lot of natural beauty in Rau Forest. There, you may see a variety of unusual tree species and learn about their purposes. Along with several bird species, there are blue monkeys and black-and-white colobus monkeys. The villagers regularly conduct ceremonies in the forest. The oldest tree in East Africa, the East African teak, must be seen before this tour is over (Milicia excelsa). It is known as Mvule Mkuu by the locals. You will have various opportunities to engage in cultural tourism activities during your tour of the Rau Forest. Outside the forest, rice fields may be seen in all their glory. You will have the opportunity to discover how the local practice of growing rice works. On a clear day, Mount Kilimanjaro might also be visible, Tourist activities to do in Moshi Town.

  1. Cooking class in Moshi

Taking a local’s cooking lesson will be a wonderful experience and one of the things to do in Moshi. Taking a cooking class will help you understand the local cuisine, culture, and way of life in addition to teaching you how to prepare it. You and your host will have a home-cooked supper as you learn about the food’s origins and preparation. Ugali, fruits (mango, avocado), and Uji are some of the foods you could attempt to make (a local porridge made from a mix of millet, corn, peanuts, and wheat). Cooking Mtori, a stew made with beef and green bananas, is another option.

You will have the chance to visit a neighborhood market and garden as part of your cooking class tour, where you will be introduced to locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Learn more about the items being sold and how they are utilized in the old-fashioned cooking method. English will be the only language used for all culinary instructions.