Top 8 Best Things To Do In And Around Kigoma

Gombe Stream National Park

Top 8 Best Things To Do In And Around Kigoma , Tanzania : The traditional market in Kigoma town is teeming with activity and color. The ground is covered in piles of fruit and vegetables that are being patiently tended to by colorfully clad women who are proudly wearing their “colored cloths,” or vitenge. These narrow aisles of inexpensive plastic beach accessories contrast with the piles of produce. Purchase a single Kitenge (vitenge is the plural form), decorated in traditional Tanzanian geometric color patterns, as an authentic memento of your shopping trip through Africa. You can also purchase some electric blue palm oil soap, which is said to moisturize skin better than anything else.

After spending hours in a bus traveling through small towns on dusty roads, Kigoma appears to be a massive metropolis. It’s not; in actuality, it’s a small town. However, Tanganyika Lake gives it a very unique character, and it has a nice local vibe. It is a location where people can go swimming, sunbathe, unwind, and eat fish. There are lots of things to do in and around Kigoma. Although it serves as a transportation hub for Gombe National Park, you could easily spend a few days just hanging out there. Here are top 7 best things to do in and around kigoma:

1.      Enjoy water sports at Lake Tanganyika.

The main draw to Kigoma is Lake Tanganyika. One of the biggest freshwater lakes on earth When you arrive, you’ll realize why this is the best part of Kigoma. There are numerous colorful fish in the crystal-clear water. Make sure to bring snorkeling equipment so you can properly observe the various fish species. There is something special about watching aquatic life. Additionally, you can even paddle a canoe on Lake Tanganyika to explore its untamed shore. If you want to prevent getting a sunburn, don’t forget to apply sun lotion. Jakobsen’s Beach offers the best conditions for water sports. It is a little outside of town and provides a very tranquil setting.

2.      Meet humanity’s closest relatives in Gombe National Park.

Gombe National Park is another attraction in Kigoma that is worthwhile to see. There aren’t many places left in the world today where you can see chimpanzees in the wild. One of the few of these is Gombe National Park. Despite being Tanzania’s smallest national park, Jane Goodall has made it famous worldwide. It might cost a bit of money to get there. The experience is truly unique, but traveling by boat is the simplest option. Go outside of March and April to avoid the muddy trails caused by the rainy season.

3.      Explore the small villages on the shore of Tanganyika on the MV Liemba.

If you enjoy sailing and boats, you should seriously think about boarding the MV Liemba, especially if you’re traveling from Tanzania to the south. On Lake Tanganyika, the MV Liemba is an old ship that has been restored and can take you all the way to Zambia (Mpulungu). The boat only travels a few times a month, so if you miss it, you might have to wait for a week or two. This is a major inconvenience. You can visit each of the tiny hamlets along the shore of Lake Tanganyika by taking the MV Liemba.

4.      Watch the sun set at Bangwe Beach Bar.

The most well-known public beach in Kigoma is Bangwe Beach. Particularly if you’re traveling with children, it’s a great place to unwind. Additionally, there is a bar nearby, so getting a drink won’t be a problem. In fact, this is one of the best locations in Kigoma to watch the sun set. What more could you ask for in life than a spot to enjoy a cool beverage while the sun sets on a sweltering summer day? You will be able to participate in a sizable beach dance party if you visit there over the weekend.

5.      Explore one of the oldest markets on the continent, Ujiji Village.

This tiny village, which is only 8 kilometers (5 miles) from Kigoma, is home to one of the continent’s oldest markets. Livingstone is much more well-liked here than he is in his home country. Even a Livingstone site can be found. This was the region’s principal settlement in the past. The trade in ivory played a large part in its fame. But once Kigoma’s railway was completed, getting to and from the city became much simpler, dethroning Ujiji as the city’s main market. You can go to the port and spend some time on the beach.

6.      Learn some history while visiting the Livingstone Museum and Memorial.

The Livingstone Museum and Memorial, located in Ujiji, makes you wonder how news stories spread so quickly before Twitter and Facebook existed. In 1871, the memorial’s design was based on the tale of Stanley and Livingstone. Why the museum’s entrance fee is so high is puzzling given the monument’s current condition. Stop by to take a look if you’re curious about the past of these two fascinating people and aren’t put off by the pricey admission.

Top 8 Best Things To Do In And Around Kigoma
Livingstone Museum and Memorial

7.      Dine at Sun City for local, cheap, and tasty food.

Sun City is one of the best restaurant never to be missed on your Kigoma tour. It’s not fancy at all; rather, it has a hometown feel. It’s compact, affordable, and gives you the opportunity to sample regional cuisine. Their Pilau is especially delicious. This small restaurant’s location, which is right on the main road and not far from the train station, makes it very easy to find, which is it’s another benefit.

8.      Enjoy the wonderful blue color of Tanganyika Lake.

Kigoma is a nice place to include on your itinerary because it is a little different from the towns on the east coast. Goggles are a must so that you can see the fish swimming around you. Don’t forget them. Kigoma is a unique location in Tanzania because of the lovely beaches, the fishermen’s market, the train, and the Tuk-tuks.