Top 5 Best Mikumi National Park Lodges

Top 5 Best Mikumi National Park Lodges : The main focal point of Mikumi, the Mkata Floodplain, is widely likened to the more famous Serengeti Plains due to its broad scenery and diverse species. The ponds, particularly the hippo pool, become a gathering place for African animals after the dry season. Herds of buffalo and elephants spend the entire day in these places. The dry season, which runs from late June to late October, is the ideal time to see animals in Mikumi. There is less foliage during this time of year, and animals gather around watering holes. Large herds of animals gather around the final watering holes of the dry season (September and October), making this an extremely exciting time of year.


There are many Mikumi lodging options due to the variety of wildlife in the area, but these are the best-rated Mikumi safari lodges.

  1. Vuma Hills Tented Camp


Nestled amidst the forests of the Vuma Mountains and offering views of the Mkata Plains of the Mikumi below, Vuma Hills Lodge is one of the best in Mikumi National Park. It’s a great place to unwind after a strenuous game drive.

Sleeping under canvas in Vuma is a broad expression of the discomfort often associated with camps because the sixteen tents are well-equipped. There’s nothing more to ask for, with a private bathroom at the back and a lovely wooden patio out front.

  1. Stanley’s Kopje

Stanley’s Kopje, one of the nicest hotels in Mikumi, is perched on a rocky kopje with 360-degree views of the Mikumi wilderness. The 12 tents are arranged around the lower rim of the hill, affording stunning views of the plains below.

Stanley’s Kopje is named after the distinct raised area that is inside a plain. Beyond the camp’s perspective, a nearby waterhole draws wildlife, and the Mwanamboga area as a whole is regarded as the best spot in the park to witness wildlife. The explorer Morten Stanley, who tested an excursion into Mikumi National Park and passed through the camp’s territory, is honored by the name of the camp.

  1. Camp Bastian


The distance between Camp Bastian Mikumi and Morogoro, the main entrance of Mikumi National Park, is around 10 km. Families and couples can stay at the camp, which is surrounded by the park’s natural surroundings and is ideal for visitors to Mikumi National Park. Free Wi-Fi is available.

Top 5 Best Mikumi National Park Lodges
Camp Bastian

Budget cottages with private baths can house up to two visitors, while three-bedroom family cottages can house up to eight people. Every cottage has bottled water, coffee and tea-making amenities, a balcony, and a bathroom. Visitors can sample African cuisine produced from scratch using vegetables from the garden that are farmed nearby. In addition, all guests are provided with a complimentary breakfast.

  1. Tan-Swiss lodge


A Swiss family owns the lodge and restaurant Tan-Swiss, which is situated in Tanzania. The lodge offers cozy accommodations, including guest rooms, bungalows, and campsites, with a touch of Swedish friendliness mixed with Tanzanian charm.

There are large rooms at the lodge that can hold up to three individuals. The rooms feature TVs, heaters, mosquito nets, and private toilets. Every room has a separate balcony. Five spacious bungalows that can sleep up to four people each, or three adults and one child, are available. The large campsite offers hot showers and spotless restrooms. Huge trees and a fireplace encircle your tent.

  1. Mantis Lodge & Camping Site

The Mantis Lodge & Camping Site is located in the buffer zone of Mikumi National Park, surrounded by Mikumi forests. It is 1.2 kilometers from the Tanzania-Zambia Highway, which is to the right if traveling from Iringa, and to the left of the park’s exit gate if coming from Morogoro, which is 7 kilometers from Mikumi Township. Mantis Lodge was recently built with the intention of blending into the surrounding landscape without sacrificing the comfort and luxury of its visitors. It’s the ideal location for Mikumi trips and camping.