Top 4 Great Options For Day Trips Around Moshi

Top 4 Great Options For Day Trips Around Moshi : Moshi is a small, bustling town in the gently sloping foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s the traditional starting point for those brave enough to attempt Kilimanjaro, but Moshi is more than just climbing. It has its own spirit and energy, and while the grand beauty of Kilimanjaro looms in the distance, it’s worth exploring for the color, bustling markets, and daily lives of its Chagga residents.

Take a Daladala ride around town with the locals and stop at one of the many StreetSide cafes for coffee and cake while you decide which of the many day trips are available. That’s the beauty of Moshi: It’s centrally located for a wide range of affordable experiences.

If you’re a culture vulture, the nearby Maasai villages have plenty to offer. Explore the Chagga underground caves, which once protected the Chagga from marauding Maasai, and visit a coffee farm to learn about how coffee is grown, harvested, and roasted—and you’ll get to make your own!

If you enjoy nature, you will be spoiled for choice. The hikes around Moshi are truly spectacular. If you want to experience Kilimanjaro’s spirit without climbing it, its foothills offer miles of paths through valleys and along ridges, through lush rainforest alive with birdsong and colobus monkey chatter, and even up into the eerie Montane Forest.

Additionally, you can choose between Lake Chala and the Chemka Hot Springs (or choose both!) if you’re looking for absolute peace and relaxation. Lake Chala is peace itself, only a short drive from Moshi. A crater lake near the Kenyan border, it’s a quiet, romantic place for a leisurely stroll around the lake while holding hands or for a quick stroll to the serene shores for a swim in the clear waters. Geothermally heated waters rise up from the Chemka Hot Springs, clear and turquoise, into limpid pools that are a little piece of heaven.

After a long flight to Tanzania, you can stretch your legs at one of many fantastic day trip destinations from Moshi. There are many enjoyable options, ranging from day hikes and hot springs to tours of the local cuisine and culture. Here are four of our staff members’ and former visitors’ favorites:

MATERUNI WATERFALLS AND COFFEE TOUR ( Top 4 Great Options For Day Trips Around Moshi )

Climbers who arrive in Tanzania a little early and want to get some exercise after a long flight should choose this option.

You travel on this half-day excursion to the Materuni Waterfalls, which are located not far from Moshi town. Reaching this waterfall, which is located in the Kilimanjaro cultivation zone, is a lovely way to get some exercise and take in the verdant surroundings along the mountain’s foot.

You will pass through a traditional Chagga farm and coffee plantation after visiting the falls. The Chagga people will gladly show you the history of their coffee plantations. They have been living and farming in the foothills around Kilimanjaro for generations. A delicious meal of locally harvested foods from the nearby hills and fresh fruits will be served to you.

Top 4 Great Options For Day Trips Around Moshi
Materuni waterfalls

Your guide will give you a history lesson on the Chagga people’s culture and methods of coffee cultivation and take you on a tour of the coffee plants. A delicious sample of their freshly roasted coffee will be served to you during the tour as you learn about the coffee plant’s entire life cycle, from berry to cup.


In contrast to the hot springs, which are an ideal place to unwind and stretch out after your ascent of the mountain, the waterfall is the ideal pre-climb excursion. These hot springs, a stunning oasis about an hour outside of Moshi, are a hidden gem and the ideal place to unwind before your flight home.

The Rundugai Hot Springs are shaded and maintain a pleasant temperature all year long. These pools are the ideal place to unwind after your climb and enjoy the Tanzanian sun. They have crystal-clear water, small fish, and a gentle current. To enjoy this lovely getaway location, all you need to bring is a swimsuit because we provide your lunch, a private driver, and entry permits.


There are numerous tribes and cultures with long histories and traditions living in the area around Mount Kilimanjaro. There are nomadic Maasai communities in addition to the Chagga, who make up the majority of the local population. We can plan a day trip for you to learn more about these societies while hiking through the picturesque hills and arable land outside of Moshi, talking to local leaders, and getting a firsthand account of their history.

Sharing a traditional home-cooked meal with locals will give you the chance to get to know them better and learn more about the people who have lived on Kilimanjaro for centuries. For those who want to learn more about Tanzania’s history and indigenous populations, this is a popular choice.


In the bustling local market in Moshi, you can buy anything from fresh fruit to suits. It can be enjoyable to stroll through the market, which is located in the heart of the city and spans several streets, and choose some fresh coffee or local fruit for your lunch. Although you might come across a few small trinkets you like, be aware that the majority of them will be fake or of lower quality than you might anticipate.

Additionally, Moshi has a sizable community of painters and artists. All over Moshi, there are little booths selling artwork made in the area that features wildlife, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Masai tribes. There are a few specialized shops and galleries in the area as well that display the best pieces in a more formal setting, like the Blue Zebra Art Studio. It’s not uncommon to see paintings, wood carvings, or exquisite leatherwork, and a few places even sell certified Tanzanite, a stunning blue gemstone that can only be found in Tanzania.

We can arrange for you to spend the morning exploring the market and art galleries with one of our drivers, helping you find what you’re looking for.