The Top 8 Best Cafes In Arusha That You Must Visit

The Top 8 Best Cafes In Arusha That You Must Visit : Tanzania has no shortage of dining establishments. The majority of upscale eateries are located in upscale hotels and shopping malls. There are many different types of food, from inexpensive locally produced meals to expensive seafood dishes. You can find Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean, and international restaurants serving Ethiopian, Japanese, and Malaysian food in Dar es Salaam, Arusha, and Zanzibar. The regional “Swahili-style” cuisines are a must for the more daring travelers. You can choose from spicy seafood, chicken, ugali, cassava, or plantains as your meal.

The best restaurants and cafes in Arusha

The commercial and cultural hub of northern Tanzania has historically been Arusha Town. Arusha is the ideal vacation location and a great place for those who love the outdoors. The stunning area is a must-see for any travel enthusiast thanks to its mesmerizing views of Mount Meru, exotic flora and fauna, vibrant greenery, lush vegetation, and cascading waterfalls. Visit Arusha for an exciting vacation that includes seeing wildlife and birds, scaling Mount Meru, exploring Ngurdoto Crater, and camping at the bush. After days filled with exploration and adventure, visitors must also stop by neighborhood restaurants and cafes.

It is not surprising that there is such a wide variety of food available in Arusha town given that Tanzania has a very diverse range of cultural influences, from traditional Bantu to Arabesque Swahili and more recent British and German cultural imports. When you book with Focus East Africa Tours, you will receive a full-board meal plan (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), but we also encourage visitors to explore the town and the dining options offered by the local establishments. Here are the top 8 cafes in Arusha that you absolutely must visit for the best cuisine and dietary options while there!

  1. Msumbi Coffee

In Arusha, the Msumbi Coffees Estate’s first coffee shop debuted in 2004 and continues to offer top-notch brew. Arabica beans are grown, processed, and expertly roasted by Msumbi Coffees to produce the delectable coffees. Along with food items like sandwiches, apple pies, and cakes, the cafe also serves freshly squeezed juices made from fruits like passionfruit. You can order tea in addition to the amazing cappuccino and espresso. The cafe gives visitors a comfortable space and free Wi-Fi. The fact that the owners want to advance gender equality and have thus hired a number of women as staff members is one of the best reason to visit this place.

  1. Blues and Chutneys

Blues & Chutney Country is a fantastic restaurant where guests can enjoy top-notch cuisine and picturesque views. It is located at the foothills of Mt. Meru. The six bedrooms are cozy, light-filled, and tastefully decorated. Free Wi-Fi is available; there is a TV lounge where you can unwind; and you can get coffee and tea all day long. The food is of the highest caliber and delectable. European dishes like spinach quiche, beef stroganoff, hash browns, fresh salads, grilled tilapia, yogurt, pancakes, freshly baked breads, and sandwiches are available for you to eat.

  1. Onsea House

You can visit Onsea House at Baraa Road in Moshono Village, Arusha, which was built in 2006 by Belgian chef Axel Janssens as a fusion of Belgian, French, and African flavors. The cafe is a bed and breakfast and guest cottage where guests can stay while receiving spa services at the Machweo Wellness Retreat. Coffee, salads, fruit juices, yogurt, bacon, eggs, omelette, toast, and sausages are all offered for breakfast. You can eat delectable meals like stews, soups, chicken roulade, duck fillet, red snapper, Greek moussaka, meat skewers, roasted potatoes, hummus, sandwiches, guacamole, burgers, mousse, rice pudding, crab, and Swahili-style grilled calamari!

  1. Tembo Club

Tembo Club is a fantastic Nyama Choma restaurant on Massarani Road with excellent food and a lovely ambiance. One of the best cafes in Arusha is made possible by the welcoming and helpful staff as well as the top-notch service. You can order whatever you want for lunch at the cafe, and the Nyama Choma (grilled meat) is delicious! You can eat and drink things like coleslaw, grilled chicken, barbeque, Mbuzi mguu (goat leg), Mbuzi Mbavu (goat ribs), chips, and ugali!

  1. Stiggbucks Cafe

One of the top five cafes in the area is Stiggbucks. Here, you’ll find a welcoming and accommodating wait staff as well as top-notch management. Milkshakes, coffees, chips, sandwiches, juicy steaks, salads, eggs, pastas, and samosas are just a few of the delectable items on the menu. Fresh vegetables, chicken, tasty cheese, and homemade bread are used to make the sandwiches. This cafe is a popular choice for lunch because the food is reasonably priced. Remember that it closes at 5 o’clock, so arrange your visit accordingly.

The Top 8 Best Cafes In Arusha That You Must Visit
Stiggbucks Cafe
  1. The Top 8 Best Cafes In Arusha That You Must Visit @ Fifi’s restaurant

With great coffee, freshly baked muffins, and free Wi-Fi, Fifi’s is a great place for breakfast. You can catch up on the morning’s news while enjoying a leisurely start to your day. Both locals and tourists enjoy Fifi’s because of its excellent lunch and dinner menus. Fifi’s is undoubtedly a place to think about for any meal thanks to its fantastic ambiance, free Wi-Fi, and excellent food.

  1. The Top 8 Best Cafes In Arusha That You Must Visit : Blue heron

The Blue Heron, which opened in 2002, has long been one of the most well-liked eateries in Arusha’s downtown area for morning espressos, garden lunches while using the free Wi-Fi to send emails home, and candle-lit dinners. A wide variety of wood-fired pizzas, a quick and fresh salad bar, hearty soups, homemade Italian pastas, shawarma, and tender steaks are available on the menu. After a day exploring Arusha, enjoy a sundowner or curl up by the bonfire to listen to live music on the veranda on Fridays. It’s definitely worth going there for lunch while you’re in Arusha.

  1. Cet Garden

Location: Hai Road in Arusha, Kwa Mrefu. Trying the popular local cuisine is one of the best ways to become accustomed to a new place. Tanzanian BBQ, known as Nyama Choma, is the regional dish in Arusha. Their most well-known dish is BBQ fish, which is prepared with the skin on and seasoned with regional flavors. Many consider Cet Garden to be the best Nyama Choma in the area. Locals who like Tanzania’s favorite lagers, Safari, Kilimanjaro, and Serengeti with Nyama Choma, frequent this establishment frequently. Here, you’ll encounter Tanzania’s genuine hospitality because the people are warm and welcoming.