The Big 5, Small 5, Shy 5, Ugly 5, And Impossible 5

The Big 5, Small 5, Shy 5, Ugly 5, And Impossible 5 : Many people who travel on safari frequently ask to see the Big 5 without being aware of the meaning behind this well-known African phrase. As a result, it is unfortunate that occasionally tourists become fixated on viewing the Big 5 and neglect to take in all the other incredible sights and sounds that Africa’s wildness has to offer.

But have you ever thought about helping out non-Big 5 creatures like giraffes or hippos? They unquestionably appear to be larger than a lion or a leopard, don’t they? Then why don’t they rank in the top five?

Lately, a bit more attention has been given to other animals, again in the form of ‘fives’. The list was only put together by safari guides and conservationists who wanted tourists to have a closer look at some of Africa’s more elusive animal species.


The origin of their name will transport you back to a time when trophy hunting predominated in many of today’s national parks, including the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. In fact, because they were so ferocious, the big five were among the most difficult to hunt. The leopard, lion, elephant, buffalo, and rhinos make up the “big five” animals.

The Big 5, Small 5, Shy 5, Ugly 5, And Impossible 5
The Big 5, Small 5, Shy 5, Ugly 5, And Impossible 5

 The Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater, and Mkomazi National Parks in Tanzania are among the best locations for seeing the African Big Five. The big five can be found in other parks as well, albeit less frequently.


There are not a lot of The Little 5. The list, on the other hand, was compiled by safari guides and environmentalists with the intention of persuading people to pay attention to the smaller and more elusive species in the African bush. This is due to the names of the five little creatures being in stark contrast to the five big species in terms of size.

The leopard tortoise, ant lion, elephant shrew, rhinoceros beetle, and buffalo weaver are among the small five animals.


Shy 5s are an entirely distinct species of creatures. Shy Five emphasizes those less common and secretive African animals. Except for the meerkat, every member of the shy five is a nocturnal creature. The meerkat, aardvark, porcupine, aardwolf, and adorable bat-eared fox are among the shy five.


Animals are not ugly. In my opinion, The Ugly Five’s inclusion in this group is quite unfortunate and not something to be particularly proud of. They play an equally significant function as any other African mammal, albeit they are the best on the continent’s plains. They have actually been given the term “ugliest” because of what they actually eat. With the exception of the wildebeest and the well-known Pumbaa, “warthog,” most of the individuals in this group are scavengers.

 The warthog, marabou stork, vultures, and spotted hyena are the other four members of the “ugly five” group.


Unlike the African big five, The Impossible fives are extremely uncommon and challenging to observe In a Tanzania safari. These are the white lion, riverine rabbit, pangolin, Cape mountain leopard, and aardvark. Even though it is a member of the Impossible 5, the aardvark is also a member of the Shy 5. As such, you should consider yourself fortunate if you ever get to witness this amazing species.

In conclusion, the above animals are special and seeing them in any African safari will make you excited. Contact us to help you Visit one of the few famous parks in Africa such as the Serengeti national park, the Ngorongoro crater, the Kenya’s Maasai mara national reserve or the Uganda’s Kidepo Valley national Park to see some of these spices.