Tanzania Northern VS Southern Safari Circuits

Tanzania Northern vs Southern Safari Circuits: Without a doubt, Tanzania is one of the most well-liked safari destinations in Africa. Travellers of all stripes, from first-timers to seasoned safari enthusiasts, have found it to be a popular destination due to its diverse scenery, abundant luxury lodges and camps, and rich cultural heritage.

Travellers can easily spend their Tanzania safari tours exploring the vast wilderness areas, even though multi-country safari experiences in Africa are the recommended mode of travel.
Tanzania is a country with a land area of 947,300 square kilometres, including a 1,424-kilometer coastline. A comprehensive safari that encompasses all of the nation’s top national parks and towns could easily take up to four weeks for completion.

Most people choose to go on safari in Tanzania’s northern or southern circuits because few have the time or resources to make such an extended trip. In order to assist you in selecting the optimal approach for you, we’ll examine the differences between the two here. However, be advised that you’ll likely want to use both!

Tanzania Northern vs Southern Safari Circuits.

If you didn’t know any different, you would imagine that Tanzania was made with safari in mind. It is nearly hard to see and do everything in the country unless you have an endless supply of time and funds.

For this reason, there are normally two safari routes in Tanzania: the northern circuit and the southern circuit. The country’s national parks’ geographic range is represented by these two circuits. Whichever circuit you choose, you can anticipate amazing wildlife encounters, authentic safari experiences, and breathtaking views of the surrounding environment.

Tanzania’s Northern and Southern Safari Circuits Vary from One Another.
The northern and southern circuit safaris in Tanzania are very similar; you will see incredible wildlife, gorgeous scenery, opulent lodgings, and incredible experiences on both itineraries.


One route is more accessible than the other, which is the primary distinction between the two. This is due to the fact that the national parks situated along the southern circuit are situated in incredibly remote areas of the nation. You must take a light aircraft to get between the parks because there is no road access. Conversely, the northern circuit provides easy access to national parks. Not to mention that the animal parks are located closer to one another, which cuts down on travel time.

Wildlife Numbers in Northern Vs Southern Circuits.

Higher densities of wildlife can be found in Tanzania’s northern national parks, where safari vehicles are a common sight, so the animals are not easily scared away. The south has more dispersed wildlife, which makes it more challenging to find while on game drives.

Additionally, because there aren’t many people in the area, the animals are nervous and will run away when a car approaches. But both circuits offer fantastic opportunities for observing all of your favourite African wildlife, including big cats and the Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhino).

Cost of Safaris in the Northern Vs Southern Circuits.

The southern circuit is very remote and requires fly-in safaris, so the cost of travelling this way will be higher. The cost is increased by longer distances between parks and fewer flights to this area. The less expensive option is the northern circuit since it is easier to access and offers more flights to this region of the country.

Tourist Traffic in both Northern Vs Southern Circuits.

When comparing the two itineraries, the northern circuit is far more popular because it offers well-known attractions at lower costs. Due to the circuit’s popularity, a lot of other travellers might be vying with you for the same locations and experiences. You won’t experience this problem on the southern circuit; in fact, there are times when it may seem like you’re the only one there.

Which is better for a safari in Tanzania: Northern vs Southern Circuit?

The right answer to this question depends on what you hope to get out of your Tanzania safari. The northern circuit, which includes the most well-known sites in Tanzania, including the Serengeti and Mount Kilimanjaro, is perfect for first-timers looking for the authentic Tanzanian safari experience.

Nonetheless, the southern circuit is a great option for the seasoned safari visitor or vacationer who wants a less-traveled experience. Discover hidden treasures in remote, undiscovered regions such as Ruaha and Nyerere, and enjoy an authentic, yet distinct safari experience in some of the most breathtaking, secluded settings.

Still, it’s highly recommended that you combine the northern and southern circuits into one spectacular luxury safari in Tanzania, provided you have the financial means to do so.