Tanzania Holiday for Couples

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Tanzania Holiday for Couples : Imagine venturing into the depths of the Ngorongoro Crater or pursuing lions in the Serengeti with your special someone. Together, you go off to sleep beneath the starry sky, waking up just as the sun is rising. Or you just take some time to relax on Zanzibar’s immaculate white beaches and in its most romantic resorts.

Whether you are newlyweds or have been together for a long time, you are probably connected by your love of (romantic) travel. You get precisely that with our safari activities and couple’s vacations to Tanzania plus so much more.

Explore the nation’s most stunning national parks in your very own safari jeep with your very own driver and guide. Our extremely knowledgeable guides are well-versed in the finest locations, and with their laser beam eyes, they can even locate that one specific species you’ve always wanted to see from a distance of kilometres. Instead of arguing over whether path is best, just concentrate on each other, the breathtaking scenery, and the wildlife in your immediate vicinity.

The ultimate must-sees and must-dos for your honeymoon or couple’s vacation in Tanzania are included in this post, certain to take your safari to a whole new romantic level.

Hot Air Balloon Safari.
You will always treasure the memory of taking a hot air balloon ride over the well-known Serengeti. You fly over the plains, the only sound on your ears being the occasional blow into the balloon, right after sunrise, when the animals are at their busiest. Normally, you share the basket with other people, but you can reserve it for the two of you alone if you have extra cash. Regardless of how this journey ultimately turns out for you, it will undoubtedly send you skyrocketing.

Private Sunset Cruise.
Take to the Indian Ocean and sail towards sunset. If nothing else, this sunset cruise will make a memorable safari experience and may even be the ideal chance to pop the question to your significant other. This is the epitome of romance snacks and beverages (or maybe a delicious meal) as the sun sets.

Wedding Ceremony with the Maasai.
Renew your vows in a traditional Maasai wedding ceremony in the heart of the savannah, or extend your home wedding. The bride is dressed in traditional attire, adorned with jewelry, and brought into a wedding boma by the ladies of the tribe. After the bride and groom are introduced by the warriors, you are blessed by an elder. The last ritual of a Maasai wedding involves eating goat flesh and singing while the entire tribe greets you as a wedded couple.

Walk from Empakai Crater to Lake Natron.
In the middle of nowhere, it’s just the two of you, some Maasai, and a few donkeys. A few hours’ drive from the well-known Ngorongoro Crater is the tiny Empakai Crater in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. At the crater, the vehicle comes to an abrupt stop, and you both begin to walk. After spending two nights beneath the stars, you arrive at Lake Natron, an eerie yet beautiful place. You’ll feel as though you’re the last person on the planet at this place. Until, of course, you arrive at your resort and treat yourself to a delectable dinner and a well-earned massage.

Walking Safaris.
Take a walking safari if you’d want to learn even more about Tanzania’s natural history and biodiversity. You can observe little animals like insects, birds, and rodents that you would typically miss in a safari jeep and get up close and personal with the nation’s renowned wildlife while being escorted by an armed ranger. Walking through a forest teeming with wild animals or the middle of a savannah will undoubtedly deepen your friendship.

Walking Safari In Arusha National Park
Walking Safari In Arusha National Park

Night Safaris.
When you drive into places like Arusha National Park or Lake Manyara National Park at night, night safaris offer an extra layer of excitement to the experience. Fortunately, your safari car has a searchlight so you can see all of the animals that go nocturnal. Furthermore, if the sound of the animals startles your loved one, simply go closer to them and everything will be OK.

Climb the Kilimanjaro.
All right, so it might not be a romantic or intimate climb up Kilimanjaro. After all, porters, cooks, and guides will accompany you. However, sharing a climb with your partner can definitely strengthen the connection between you. The experience of a lifetime is created when two people who are tired but keep pushing each other to keep going and eventually reach Uhuru Peak together. And after four or five days without taking a shower, if you still enjoy each other’s smell, you might be destined to be together.

Where to Stay? 4 Romantic Ideas for Couples in Tanzania.

Tanzania Holiday for Couples : Lake Manyara Tree Lodge
Nestled in the heart of the jungle, amid the treetops of Lake Manyara, lies an exquisitely built resort. A large outside deck, a freestanding tub, a shower encircled by tree branches, a comfortable bed, a sitting area, and a shower await you in every treehouse. Take advantage of total seclusion and use the lodge’s non-crystallized Swarovski binoculars to see all the wildlife in the surrounding forests.

Tanzania Holiday for Couples : Emerson Spice Hotel in Stone Town.
Stone Town’s Emerson Spice Hotel is a true throwback to 1001 Arabian Nights fairytales. The rooms are furnished in an Arabic style, featuring plush textiles and inviting hues. The wide windows let in the sea breeze and the noises of Stone Town. You will have a sense of time travel while sleeping here. Celebrate your relationship at the L’amour Toujours suite or treat yourself to Violetta, a courtesan’s boudoir. Savour romantic dinners on the rooftop patio or in the Secret Garden. One of the nicest restaurants in the city is located here, and it has views over Stone Town’s corrugated roofs and the distant blue of the Indian Ocean.

Tanzania Holiday for Couples : Mnemba Island Lodge.
The ideal romantic retreat is Mnemba Island. This house makes you feel like a successful Robinson Crusoe couple stranded, happy, and making it work with just a few private bandas on a small island! You jump right out of bed into the glistening clear Indian Ocean, which is home to incredible coral reefs. Savour each other’s company, your double sunbed, and your outdoor shower. With an unending starry sky above you and the ocean lapping at your feet, dinner will be served at a table set into the beach sand.

Tanzania Holiday for Couples : Fanjove Island.
An additional ideal romantic retreat is this lovely little island situated south of Mafia Island. This island, which can only be accessed by small plane and boat, has ten exquisitely constructed beach houses with the highest level of seclusion. However luxuriously appointed the villas might be, this is where you live a relatively simple beach life, as your accommodation is directly located on the white sandy beach. You can jump right out of bed into the crystal-clear Indian Ocean and swim with the tropical fish and turtles in the morning. You can have a delicious meal in an antique, restored lighthouse after spending a leisurely day in paradise.

You’re already smitten with the thought of spending time together, or perhaps even going to Tanzania for your honeymoon? Then get in contact with us, and we’ll set to work organizing the romantic and exciting safari vacation of your dreams.