Spend your quality time in momella lakes

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Spend your quality time in momella lakes : Big Momela, Small Momela, El Kekhotoito, Kusare, Rishateni, Lekandiro, and Tulusia are the seven shallow lakes together known as the Momela (or Momella) Lakes. Village Momella in Tanzania’s Meru District’s Arusha Region serves as the park’s entrance. The volcanic debris produced when Mount Meru blew its top 250,000 years ago resulted in the formation of alkaline lakes. Zebras and birds can be seen on the lakes’ shores, but since the waters are alkaline, no animals can drink from them. Highlights of the Easter region of Arusha National Park, which encompasses Mount Meru’s forest, are lakes.

The largest of numerous alkaline lakes found in northern Tanzania’s Arusha National Park. Greater and lesser flamingos, hippos, and various other bird species may all be seen there, making it a popular destination for tourists. It supports micro algae and has a maximum depth of 31 meters and a minimum depth of 10 meters, respectively, Spend your quality time in momella lakes

Big Momella and its brothers, little Momella and Lake Rishateni, are situated close to the north-eastern edge of Arusha National Park. In actuality, a farmer’s community owns the land along the lake’s eastern coast.

Therefore, Momella Lake is simply a group of lakes in the Arusha National Park that are nourished by a number of underground water streams and seasonal rainfall. As a result, Momella Lake attracts a variety of animals throughout their life cycles, including buffalo, bushbuck, giraffes, hippos, and many water birds that live in or near the water.

It is a serene and lovely setting, and a canoe is a wonderful way to take it all in. You’ll be driven around the lake while following its shorelines. It can be scheduled in the morning or the afternoon and can continue whatever long you like, usually 2 or 3 hours.

May be you may ask yourself why you should visit Momella lakes. Then go to Momella Lake has the opportunity to witness hundreds of pink flamingos ascending to the skies. Giraffes and hippos may also be seen, and you can observe them in their natural environment. After a trip to the viewpoint known as Boma la Megi, the day comes to a finish with a sundowner and a breathtaking view of Mount Kilimanjaro, Spend your quality time in momella lakes

Visitors can enjoy A number of activities that can be done while in Momella lakes. These activities are enjoyable and contribute much on someone happiness and joy.

A visitor may go on game drives around it and its surrounding lakes, the little Momella and Rishateni, and stop at a number of views, campgrounds, and picnic areas.

Another activity is going to the waterfall cave. The Arusha Urban Water Supply Authority has various water sources, including the waterfall known as the Cave Falls, which is just a short distance inside the Arusha National Park and on the slopes of Mount Meru in Tanzania.

Spend your quality time in momella lakes
Momella Lakes

Also Vista of Mount Kilimanjaro (Arusha). Beautiful picnic area on Mount Meru’s slopes with distant views of Mount Kilimanjaro that is only accessible on clear days. Views of the Ngurudoto crater rim and much of the lowlands in Arusha National Park from a higher elevation are more trustworthy.

Additionally, you have the option of visiting the Tulusua, Maio, and Napuru waterfalls inside the park. Some people say that this water fall will take out all your difficulties in life. Here you can easily forget all your pains and you will live a joyful life. The falls clear up your mind and leave you empty minded. This is an important place to make your life new. Surely, you will always want to visit momella lakes in Arusha national park.

Momella’s perspective of view. This is the point of view of momella lakes. Here you can see the beauty nature of the lake and get opportunity to take pictures with your phone or camera. Indeed, your presence in Momella Lake will be unforgettable in your life.

Canoeing and boating Navigate past pink flamingo colonies, get close to shore-side buffalo that are feeding, and take pleasure in the presence of snorting hippos. This is another enjoyable activity and the most attractive to most visitors. If you love canoeing, momela lakes is the best place for you.

The most memorable safari experiences involve walking through the African bush, experiencing the sounds and fragrances of nature, feeling the elements, and having close interactions with game. Walking safari here is safe and enjoyable especially when you are associated with the professional tour guides in the park.  During Tanzania walking safaris you will see different animals around the momella lakes and some parts of Arusha national park as well. While walking you may be doing more than two things at once. Because walking is an exercise and also you will enjoy to learn variety of thing concerning wildlife. Most important thing is that you will experience the feeling of the nature around momella lakes.

Momella lakes in Arusha national park is the best place and a must visit place for vacations and adventures.