Serengeti National Park Rules

Serengeti National Park rules are the rules and guidelines that travelers are expected to follow while on a Serengeti National Park safari all throughout the year. Serengeti National Park rules are the various governing regulations that travelers including guides, tourists and locals are expected to conduct themselves while in the park. Below are the various Serengeti National Park rules and regulations to follow whilst in the park;

  • Serengeti National Park is open from 6am to 6pm daily. All travelers in the park should plan their travel accordingly, to be able to enter and exit the park as per the time guidelines.
  • A speed limit of 50km per hour is to be followed while in Serengeti National Park.
  • Unauthorised firearms are not allowed inside Serengeti National Park.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the park. The Serengeti National Park and all parks are wild game protected areas and should remain as that; pets should not be taken to the park.
  • Feeding animals in Serengeti National Park is not allowed completely. Feeding animals upsets their diet and creates dependency on humans, which disrupts them.
Serengeti National Park Rules
Serengeti National Park Rules
  • Game drives should be done on authorized tracks only. Off track driving in Serengeti National Park is highly penalised, and one found off track driving is liable to a fine.
  • Maximum respect for animals should be adhered to. Drivers inside the park must give way to animals at all times, and not to rush them while they are crossing. The Serengeti National Park is home to the wild animals, and thus we should respect their home.
  • Camping in Serengeti National Park is allowed, in designated areas of the park, by park authorities.
  • Do not disturb nature in any way like making noise, hooting, throwing items at them, and shouting in any way making noise for the animals.
  • Smoking in the park is not allowed. Smoking in Serengeti National Park should be done in designated areas only, after which it is advisable to clearly and properly dispose of the cigarette butts.
  • Littering is strictly prohibited in the park. Leave the park as is with only your footprint. All rubbish including food wraps should be properly disposed of in the rubbish pits.
  • Always observe a safe distance away from the animals. Always maintain a safe distance of about 100m away from the animals in Serengeti National Park. This is to protect the animals from human communicable diseases, as well as you the traveler.

There are a number of Serengeti National Park rules and regulations, clearly stated on various Serengeti National Park gates of entry and exit. All travelers and visitors to Serengeti National Park are expected to adhere to the various Serengeti National park rules, to protect not only themselves but also the vibrant wildlife and nature in the park which has survived for many generations. This helps to conserve the nature and wildlife even for more generations to come.

Violation of Serengeti National Park rules comes with penalties should one be found deviating from, including but not limited to paying fines instantly or immediate banishment from the park.

Serengeti National Park Tanzania is a beautiful Tanzania national park that is frequented and most sought after by different travelers who visit Tanzania and Africa as a whole for so much more including wild game viewing. Serengeti National Park Tanzania is open all throughout the year, and can thus be visited all year round and still be rewarded with amazing wildlife viewing.

There is so much to see and experience in Serengeti national Park including vibrant wildlife including the big 5 animals, the great wildebeest migration, birds, nature and landscapes, and so much more. The various activities in Serengeti National Park that travelers can enjoy include game drives, hot air balloon rides, guided walking safaris as operated by select operators, birding, and so much more, all the while minding to follow the various Serengeti national Park rules.

Serengeti National Park Rules
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