Scheduled Safaris Vs. Custom Tailor-Made Safaris

Scheduled Safaris Vs. Custom Tailor-Made Safaris :  What Is The Difference? What is the difference between custom (tailor-made) safaris and scheduled safaris? You can now reserve a safari using an online booking platform, thanks to the quick development of online internet bookings. Tanzania Safari packages are offered online with many different tour companies including us at Focus East Africa Tours.  Online safari reservations are becoming more popular among tourists. So what makes a personalized, handcrafted safari designed by an African safari specialist different from a pre-planned safari? The following are some of the distinctions between the two types of Safari itineraries:

 Safari Price

The fact that they are typically less expensive is one of the main reasons tourists choose a pre-arranged group safari or tour. Joining a group can enable you to make financial savings. Additionally, group tours frequently use lodgings (hotels, lodges, and camps) that belong to the same hotel chain. Booking two or three properties from the same chain of hotels typically results in a discount. However, depending on when you want to travel, the location of these properties may not be ideal. For instance, the ideal location for a Tanzania group safari during the migration season is the northern Serengeti National Park. Group safaris typically avoid visiting the northern Serengeti. Instead, these pre-planned itineraries make use of lodging in the park’s busier regions, like Seronera.

 It makes a significant difference whether the shared costs (road transfers, safari vehicles, and safari guides) are split between two people or six people. Joining a small group on a pre-arranged tour with predetermined departure dates can help you save money.

 A custom, hand-made safari or itinerary for two people typically costs more money than an organized group safari or tour. However, just because you have a limited budget does not mean you should only take inexpensive package tours into account. If your African safari expert is willing to work with any budget, it is still possible to create a customized safari on a small budget. Everything depends on the type of lodging and mode of transportation you choose. But since the most affordable lodges and camps frequently sell out months in advance, this is easier to accomplish if you plan and reserve in advance.

Itinerary Flexibility

The adaptability of a customized safari is another benefit. An organized safari or tour package has a set itinerary. It is unchangeable. You are required to book the itinerary exactly as it is; you do not have the option to change it. Although you can add on additional travel before or after the group safari or tour, you cannot alter the itinerary of the latter. For example, it won’t be possible for you to spend more nights in a particular wildlife area. The safari or tour must be reserved exactly as is.

Your African safari expert will ask you about your interests and preferences when you book a hand-crafted safari or tour. They will present you with an itinerary that you can modify and improve. This gives you much more freedom to travel whenever and wherever you like, as well as to include additional activities or excursions.

Personal Preferences

With a customized Tanzania safari, you can choose particular lodging, activities, and services that contribute to flexibility. Your African safari expert works with you to create the ideal itinerary after learning about your preferences, needs, and time frame.

 Maybe you’ve been reading reviews online and already know the exact place you want to stay. Then, based on your own preferences and considerations, you can take into account the advice of your African Safari Specialists and decide on accommodations and length of stay.

Your safari will be customized by an expert in African safaris to fit your needs. Of course, this depends on your preferred options being available. For instance, lodgings like Giraffe Manor in Kenya can be completely reserved up to 12 months in advance. So plan ahead and book your travel arrangements as soon as you can.

Scheduled Safaris Vs. Custom Tailor-Made Safaris
Giraffe Manor in Kenya

 So, what are the advantages of a scheduled or pre-arranged group safari or tour?

Small-group safaris and tours are perfect for couples or solo travelers who want to connect and socialize with other like-minded travelers in addition to saving money. You’ll have the chance to socialize with brand-new acquaintances. Additionally, since the itinerary has already been planned, you won’t need to do much homework or contribute much. If the sound of the group safari or tour appeals to you, you can easily make a reservation.

Ask an African Safari Specialist…

One of our African Safari Experts will always claim that creating a dream safari from scratch is their first love, if you ask them. Because of this, our African Safari Specialists have either lived in Africa or have visited frequently, enabling them to offer recommendations based on personal experience and firsthand knowledge of the region.

Instant reservations are convenient, but you might not realize you can’t find or get the right answer or information until you need to contact a customer service representative for some specific information. There are advantages to working with an African safari specialist rather than an online search engine. Knowing that you can email or call your African safari specialist gives you peace of mind rather than making the arduous effort to get in touch with a customer service representative at a bigger company or online booking website.