Saadani National Park

Saadani National Park : It is one of Tanzania’s best parks, located on the north coast about 100 kilometers (60 miles) northwest of Dar es Salaam and about the same distance southwest of Tanga’s port. It covers 1062 km2 and was gazzeted in 2005, replacing a wildlife reserve that had existed since 1969. It is Tanzania’s only wildlife sanctuary that borders the sea. The palm trees move in the cold ocean breeze, providing a relaxing experience in this stunning park. Saadani is the only Tanzanian national park where the beach meets the jungle, it is a wonderful spot to visit, with its white beach and blue water glistening alluringly under the tropical heat.

It is the only wildlife refuge in East Africa with an Indian Ocean beachfront, and it also has all of the characteristics that make Tanzania’s tropical coastline and islands so popular with European sun worshippers. Tourists can observe animals basking along the Indian Ocean shoreline, and those idle hours of sunbathing might be broken by an elephant strolling by or a lion arriving to drink at the neighboring waterhole. The saadani national park is managed by The Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA)

 Climate and weather.

The park is mainly is governed and divided into two season known as the dry season and the wet season. The warm dry season (June to September) and a hot, sticky wet season (October to May). Except for sunny days, the dry months are unremarkable. When the rain starts, things get a little more interesting. A few showers tease the landscape before the precipitation drops for a few months. The rain begins to fall in earnest, though only for a few days at a time.

Wildlife in Saadani National Park.

Saadani’s wildlife population has been rising in recent years after being designated as a national park. The Park is home to around 30 species of large mammals, as well as various reptiles and birds. Fish, green turtles, humpback whales, and dolphins are among the animals that can be found in the adjacent ocean. Lions, African bush elephants, Cape buffaloes, and leopards are four of the Big Five species found in Saadani national park. Also other wild animals in the park includes Maasai giraffes, Lichtenstein’s hartebeests, waterbucks, blue wildebeests, Reedbucks, common and red duikers, Dik-Dik, yellow baboons, vervet monkeys, blue monkeys, Colobus monkeys, mongooses, genets, porcupines, sable antelopes, warthogs, hippopotamuses etc

Saadani National Park
Elephants in Saadani National Park

How to get to saadani national park

Charter flights from Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Arusha or any other large city to Mkwaja or Saadani airstrips are the most convenient way to visit the short Saadani National Park is commonly visited from Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar, and all two cities have scheduled flights to this park. Chartered flights are also accessible from Arusha town, which serves as the starting point for the northern safari circuit. ZanAir, Safari Air Link, and Coastal Aviation are some of the domestic airlines that fly to the Park.

The road may be used to get to Saadani using a comfortable vehicle from Dar es Salaam, which is 100 kilometers away and takes 4 hours to get there, or from Bagamoyo, which is 45 kilometers away. You can also take a 75-kilometer journey north of the park, crossing the Pangani River on a boat.

The Park can be reached by vehicle from Dar es Salaam via Chalinze to Mandera village. Then Drive from Mandera hamlet to Mvave Gate Saadani National Park tourism office (approximately 2-3 hours).Tanga Town is also accessible via Pangani from Mkwaja Gate (earth road 120 km away, about 3-5 hours’ drive).

What to see in saadani national park/Tourist Attractions in the Park

The Park is charmingly located at the seashore where beach and nature meet, and you can enjoy both the mostly deserted beaches and the park’s wildlife, which is a distinct feature. The population of wild creatures in Saadani National Park is quickly increasing, and you’ll have the opportunity to see four of the Big Five mammals, including lions, African Bush Elephants, Cape Buffaloes, and leopards, during your expedition.

 Other common creatures are Maasai giraffes, waterbucks, blue wildebeest, bohor reedbucks, sable antelopes, and a variety of monkey species, including the Vervet monkey. Apart from wild animals, the Park is home to a diverse range of bird species as well as distinctive vegetation for true nature lovers.

What to do in saadani national park/Tourist Activities within the Park

The Park offers a variety of activities for people who want to see and appreciate this fresh new park. In Saadani National Park, you may enjoy both the stunning coastline and the wildness at the same time. The tourist activities/things to do in Saadani National Park are listed below.

Game Drives

One of the most well-known tourist activities in Saadani National Park is game drives, which are best done early in the morning and late in the evening. There is no much animals to be observed during this national park, but Saadani National Park is the only spot in Tanzania where you may see elephants or lions wandering on the beach. Within this park, you can enjoy the unique and ultimate adventure of both Africa’s land-dwelling wildlife and the varied aquatic life. The most commonly seen animals in the Park during game drives include Maasai giraffes, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, waterbucks, blue wildebeests, reedbucks, common and red duikers, Dik-Dik, yellow baboons, vervet monkeys, blue monkeys, Colobus monkeys, mongooses, and many others.

Boat excursion/boating

Boating is one of Tanzania’s most popular visitor/tourist activities, and it takes place in only a few national parks, including Lake Manyara, Arusha National Park, and the Park. During your boat safari, explore the delights of the famed Wami River, a bird and nature lover’s heaven. The Wami River is a stunning example of natural beauty, flanked by mangrove trees and teeming with birds and wildlife. You will enjoy watching the many hippos and other wild animals during this special activity in this national park.

Saadani National Park
Boat Cruise in Saadani National Park

 Guided nature walk.

Walking safaris in Saadani National Park allow you to get up close and personal with nature while also allowing you to marvel at how the park is connected to the water. This special saadani national park tourist activity is done and accompanied by the armed park ranger to ensure visitor safety and protect them from predator animals such as lions. Enjoy the details of Saadani National Park by walking through lowland coastal plains, acacia and tropical forests, and coastal savannah with dry riverbeds cooled by the Indian Ocean, which will reward you with the unique flora and fauna of this most intriguing national park.

Relax at beaches in front of the park

There is no other park in Tanzania that offers both bush safaris and beach vacations at the same time, which is why Saadani National Park stands out as a one-of-a-kind experience. Saadani National Park is East Africa’s first coastal national park, and provides travelers with the opportunity to sample something genuinely unique while relaxing on white, soft sand beaches along the Indian Ocean’s coasts, surrounded by palm trees that provide great palm breezes.

You will get to see the unique marine life off the shores, such as green turtles that come to the shorelines to breed and lay their eggs, dolphins, humpback whales, elephants, and other wild animals roaming the beaches, and you can also go swimming in the blue waters of the ocean with a cool ocean breeze under the blazing tropical sun, which will make for an unforgettable adventure. Also you can go for swimming if it’s your interest

Cultural Tours

Visit the reserve’s Saadani fishing village, where a collection of remains bear witness to the village’s glory as a significant commercial port in the 19th century. If the notion of beach relaxation with herds of elephants roaming the beaches and the marine life does not appeal to you, you can relax in the local environment of Saadani Fishing Village following your wildlife adventure in the Saadani National Park.

Bird Watching

Apart from larger wild animals, the Park is home to a diverse range of bird species, allowing bird enthusiasts to go birding and enjoy this brand new park on the Indian Ocean’s beach. Crowned Eagles, Flamingos, Mangrove Kingfishers, Little Bitterns, Lesser Kestrels, and other bird species can be found in abundance in the surrounding mangrove trees along the Wami River.


The optimum time to visit Saadani national park is between the two extended rainy seasons (January and February), as well as the beginning of the dry season (June and August). This is when animals hydrate themselves by drinking the water that has collected on the plains.

The ideal time to watch migrating birds is during the rainy season. Saadani National Park is open year-round to visitors. However, if you want to see wildlife at its best and enjoy the beach life, this is the place to go and the best time is during the dry season, which runs from June through August, as well as January and February. The long rainy season in the country lasts from April to May, making entrance to national parks difficult though it is still the best time for bird watching.