Lake Manyara national park

Lake Manyara national park is the second in rank reserve to be established in Tanzania. It was established early in 1960’s after the establishment of the oldest one Serengeti national park. It was established a year before independence. After the establishment of lake Manyara national park, a number of techniques and strategies were taken up to ensure the preservation of lake Manyara national park one of the techniques and strategies included the lion’s conservation lions 1974. These lions were using the Manyara forest as their pathway to another greater national reserve of Ngorongoro national park.

In early years of 1990s, the authority for national parks commonly known as the Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) bought various ranches in the forest from foreigners who were investors in the place. The place was also restored for reserve issues. It was then, in 2009 the Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) bought some other areas around the forest to extend its investment.

In its initial stage of establishment, the park had five big animals, these are elephants, lions, rhino, buffaloes, and tigers with many other tourist attractions.

In 1982, The lake Manyara national park was added in the International Biosphere Reserve whereby in Tanzania there are only three national parks.

Where is lake Manyara national park located?

The great lake Manyara is located almost about 126 kilometers from Arusha town, equivalent to 80 miles. Almost a walk of not more than one and a half hours via the modern road western part of Arusha region. It is very simple to get to the park especially when someone is coming from Manyara region or Arusha tourist region.

Lake Manyara national park
Hippo Pool

Area of lake Manyara national park in square kilometers;

According to the American great and famous writer, Ernest Hemingway, the park is covering almost a total of 330 square kilometers equals to 127 square miles. Lake Manyara national park also, is said to be the most attractive and beautiful lake in Africa.

The attractive nature of lake Manyara national park;

As it has been explained earlier, the park is super attractive as compared to other attractive places for tourism. The following below are some factors that decorate its attractiveness;

  • Presence of lake Manyara itself;

As famous American writer Ernest Hemingway confessed, the park covers great lake of Manyara which accommodates more than 400 species of birds. Even the visitors who come in Africa by the first time can normally meet with not less than 100 species of birds a day. The most famous birds are like flamingo, cormorants and storks.

  • Enough visitors also add value to the national park;

Also, the number of foreigners who visit this national park makes it gaining popularity daily. Students and pupils from various school are also visiting this famous national park for recreation and academic purposes. The number of visitors to this national reserve is expanding every minute! It is really interesting.

  • East-African modern bridge;

The only modern bridge in the country that cross through trees is available in this national park. Most people do not know this wonderful man-made bridge. This bridge is believed to be present only in Tanzania in East Africa. This bridge has 18 meters upside down and length of 400 meters. When you are passing through this bridge, you can be able to see animals, different bird species, and attractive environment covered with green pastures annually.

  • Countless bird species are said to be found in lake Manyara national park;

The park is one of the very famous areas in east Africa and Africa in large as it is said to be able to accommodate more than 400 bird species at once. These numberless species of birds look very attractive to both domestic and international tourists. They are one of the serious tourists’ attractions. It is very common to record more than one hundred (100) species of birds within a single day.

  • Availability of big animal species around the reserve;

Apart from a numberless species of birds, there are also some of the well-known big animals making the big five and some more others

  • Presence of the very popular and well-known lions that climb trees;

This is the most and super interesting in the park there are lions that usually use to climb trees. In Africa, tree climbing lions are available only in the park. This normally attracts most domestic tourists since most people coming from northern regions like Arusha, Kilimanjaro, and Manyara come to visit the place daily. Tree climbing lions are also used as a symbol for identity of lake Manyara national park.

Lake Manyara national park
Tree Climbing Lions in Lake Manyara
  • Conducive and attractive environment;

 Visiting the park is not limited to big animals as well as different species of birds only, there are other things that make it attractive to everyone who dare to visit it. Also, presence of very conducive and most attractive environment such as waterfalls and then the presence of hot water that falls twenty-four hours (a whole day). And for hot-water, they are very hot to the extent that one can use them for boiling eggs and be ready for use within six minutes. The most part is covered by lake Manyara which is the most tourist attraction due to the availability of most famous birds like cranes. It covers almost about 230.5 square kilometers.

What is the rationale of visiting lake Manyara national park?

You may be asking yourself about are there any advantages for you to visit lake Manyara national park! Here, it is a discussion about significances of visiting the park. There are so many advantages that a visitor or a tourist can get by visiting the park. Some of them have been discussed as follows;

  • A source of national income;

We increase the national income by visiting these national parks through the subscription fee which we have to pay for tourist guiders, meals and accommodation. When we pay for these services, we actually enable and expand the ability of the government to provide services to its citizens.

  • Recreation and refreshment;

The way lake Manyara national park looks attractive, beautiful and conduciveness normally, attracts a number of visitors in the place to come for enjoying and refreshing. The presence of attractive species of birds such as the cranes, different species of eagles, and hawk species makes the visitor who come in the place to feel so grateful. Also, the lions that climb trees are very wonderful. For sure, one must refresh and enjoy when visiting lake Manyara national park.

  • For learning or educational purposes;

People need to visit lake Manyara national parks for learning purposes. Tourist guiders provide education to the visitors about their national parks, habitual life and other things that bring lesson to visitors. This is what usually influences people to visit national parks. In visiting lake Manyara national park; you may come across knowing a lot of things about its nature, strengths and other peculiar features that are found in the place. People should visit lake Manyara national park in order to be educated about wildlife of animals and other species of birds in the forest.

  • To know the biodiversity of lake Manyara national park;

It is our concern to understand the habitual life of various animals, birds and other organisms in the area. When we visit the place, we become aware about different things that we were not conversant earlier before visiting lake Manyara national park. For instance, it is very important to visit great lake Manyara national park if we want to know more about animals such as tree climbing lions.

When is the best time to visit lake Manyara national park?

It is highly advised that the best time to visit it is during summer season (July to October) for big animal species like elephant, lions, giraffe, zebra, and buffaloes which can enable you to refresh and enjoy.

Also, you can visit it during rainfall season to meet with a lot of attractive birds, waterfalls and fishing activities (canoeing). This is a really God’s wonderful creation.

National parks are for national heritage. They also, preserve cultural values of a nation and historical background of that particular country as when people visit the great and famous national park  they may meet cultural tribes like the Maasai and spend some time interacting with them. This helps in developing and instilling cultural patriotic feelings among different people in a country.