Extra Activities To Take During A Tanzania Safari

Extra Activities To Take During A Tanzania Safari : More than Just a Wildlife Safari: A trip to Tanzania is so much more than just a game drive. The desire to see the Big Five animals is undoubtedly what draws many visitors, but those who prefer something a little different have a wealth of options. You can add the optional activities listed below to your Tanzanian safari itinerary/bucket list/package.

Balloon Safari

Add a sunrise hot air balloon ride to your safari to get a bird’s-eye view of the Serengeti National Park. A truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, flying over the treetops as the sun rises over the horizon gives you a unique vantage point on the endless Serengeti plains. Every hot-air balloon ride is different because it depends on the wind. If you’re lucky, you might be able to see the Great Migration from above, though the herd is movable and might only be in one place for a short while.

Maasai Village

The Maasai, arguably the most well-known of the tribes, were primarily renowned as shepherds and warriors. The best way to understand Maasai culture is to visit one of their villages.

You can anticipate being welcomed in the Maasai village in the traditional way, with lots of singing and dancing, in which participation is highly encouraged! And after spending a day in their village, you’ll have gotten a firsthand look at their way of life and learned a lot about how life was and is in some of the most remote places today.

Kilimanjaro Day Trip

With the help of this one-day tour, you can discover the surroundings of Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the most recognizable mountains in the world. It begins with a lovely walk to the waterfalls in Materuni, the village at the base of the volcano. Along with viewing the Giant Kilimanjaro, it also includes a tour of a coffee farm where you can sample organic coffee.

Night game drive

By exploring the world of Africa’s nocturnal predators on a wonderful night drive, you can elevate your safari experience. When the skies are clear and the moon is reflected in the lake, for example, night drives in Lake Manyara National Park are magical just for the scenery. There are numerous elusive animals that are difficult to spot during the day but are very active at night.

Ngorongoro Crater Walk

Ngorongoro Crater, the largest unbroken caldera in the world, is teeming with wildlife. Away from the crowds, you can explore wildlife, extinct volcanoes, and various landscapes on this solitary walking safari. The scenery and views are absolutely breathtaking. You may even run into nearby Masai with cattle as you walk along an animal trail.

Extra Activities To Take During A Tanzania Safari
Ngorongoro Crater Walk


This has somehow evolved into being a necessary safari experience, and it’s a great one. One of the best parts of a safari is sipping a G&T (or your preferred beverage) in the middle of Africa’s wilderness as you take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the day’s end and think back on all the incredible experiences it has provided you.


¬†It’s a fantastic opportunity to really see deep into the night sky, review constellations, search for planets, or simply tell stories under that star-studded blanket that is the African night because there is so little ambient light at night in the bush.


A photographer’s paradise is the Tanzania safari. You have the opportunity to capture all of our amazing wildlife; see if you can make the surrounding landscape appear as vibrant and breathtaking as it is in person; take in the patterns of the acacia leaves against the sky; or attempt to capture the motion of a running zebra. Here’s a hint: before you leave, find out if you can usually rent the telephoto lenses you would otherwise only occasionally use.

Extra Activities To Take During A Tanzania Safari : Cycling Tour

For the daring, there is the option of taking a 2-3 hour guided cycling tour that leads to the market town of Mto Wa Mbu and descends into the Great Rift Valley. You have the chance to see a variety of animals while traveling through groundwater forest and along the shores of Lake Manyara.

Extra Activities To Take During A Tanzania Safari : Horse Riding

You can also go on guided horseback safaris in and around Lake Manyara National Park if you have a more traditional mindset and want to experience Africa the way the continent may have first been discovered by early European explorers. The length of a tour can range from a few hours to several days (covering several parks).

Extra Activities To Take During A Tanzania Safari : Canoeing

Because Lake Manyara is a seasonal body of water, it practically disappears during the dry season. To see the park’s resident hippos, Cape buffalo, and water birds, you can take a guided canoe safari when the water levels are high enough.

Extra Activities To Take During A Tanzania Safari : Maasai Boma Visit

During your Tanzania safari tour, you can go to one of the Maasai bomas. Although you will meet many Maasai and tour their bushes to learn about their culture, these bushes are close to the main roads, and some customers have commented that the experience felt a little unsettling. You will be urged to purchase some of their jewelry or crafts while you are there, though this is not required. It is an inescapable choice for our customers. You are more than welcome to come, but we wanted to be clear and honest about what to expect at this time. Tour lengths can vary, but generally they last 45 minutes.