Discover More On A Tanzanian Family Safari

Discover More On A Tanzanian Family Safari : Are you busy exploring the options for spending your precious holiday with your family? Deciding where to land with your family for an unforgettable safari can be challenging if you are not aware of some hidden gems found in Tanzania that would make your family safari exceptional. Firstly, Tanzania is home to world fantastic destinations including the Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti National Park which hosts the Great Migration. Wait! What is the Great Migration? Well! This is the largest annual migration of wildebeests along with zebras, gazelles and other animals associated on the migration. If that is not enough, Tanzania is home to the world’s largest unbroken caldera in the world not to mention the largest park in Africa, Nyerere National Park. Cultural diversity is another thing that makes Tanzania a must-go destination for every safari-goer.

However, for safety purposes children below 6 years old are strictly prohibited from entering various tourist areas including parks, game reserves, controlled areas, conservation areas and climbing mountains.

What are the best destinations for spending your family safari?

While Tanzania, you have numerous options to go and spend your valued holiday with your loved ones. Here are some picks that will make your family incomparable;

The “endless plains” of Serengeti

This is where you will explore the famous event in the world, the Great Migration – a migration of over 1.5 million wildebeests from the south of Serengeti to the north part into the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya. You and your family will be moved when exploring the movement of this large migratory herd. The most attracting events of this migration is how the herd crosses the mighty Mara River, one of the tragic obstacles of the herd.

Hot-air ballooning is another thing to do in Serengeti with your family. Having that “bird eye’s view” of the plains of Serengeti is sensational. A crew of over fifteen people can take-off and float above the air enjoying the scenic views of wildlife, relief and stunning vegetation. A game drive through the Serengeti’s plains will reward you with fascinating views of wild animals including the Big Five. You can also the special Rhino viewing point where you will be thrilled by the views of the rare black rhino.

A family tour in the Ngorongoro Crater

On an organized family group, you can enjoy the scenic views of the largest intact caldera in the world. Activities that you can enjoy doing while in this magnificent crater include game drives, walking tours, birdwatching as well as witnessing the sunset and sunrise. In the short grasslands, you will see the “King of the Jungle” resting while in the lush shrubs and untouched tall grasses you may encounter the rhinos usually in group of two or three.

A family safari in the Tarangire National Park

Have you heard of Tarangire, the home of avian species? It hosts the largest number of species of birds in Tanzania, over 550 species to be exact. This park will also enable you to interact with the world’s largest land animal, elephant as they are highly concentrated in this park. The Tarangire River which serves as the “lifeline” of this park attracts thousands of animals close to it. This will make it easier for you to enjoy the scenic views of such mysterious animals.

Discover More On A Tanzanian Family Safari
A family safari in the Tarangire National Park

A family safari in the Lake Manyara National Park

Situated in Arusha region in northern Tanzania, Lake Manyara National Park is famously known for its marvelous and unique species of lions, the tree-climbing lions. Its large area is covered by the giant soda lake whose shores appear pink at a far look because of a large population of pink flamingos.

Tree canopy walks, canoe safari, sport fishing, birdwatching and visiting the Mto wa Mbu village are some of some unforgettable things you can do at Lake Manyara National Park.


Situated in the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar is an idyllic spice island with the spectacular beaches where you can enjoy various water sports like swimming, snorkeling and canoeing. Zanzibar is also endowed with heritage of historical architecture dating back to the Portuguese and Arabian eras. A good example is the Stone Town which has been built for many centuries ago but remains as figure for modern generation to stare at. Your family will be happier walking through the streets of this town without forgetting tasting the local cuisines at Forodhani market.

There are tons of options for your family safari in Tanzania. It would be nice if you plan a trip so you can discover the untold wonders of this fabulous country.