Chimpanzees In Tanzania

Chimpanzees In Tanzania :  Tanzania is endowed and blessed to have a lot of wildlife species that are interesting, enjoying and worth visiting. A part from the famous big five animals, the tree – climbing mountains and other famous animals that are available in Tanzania, there is also the chimpanzees. Tanzania is largely endowed to have a lot of such species of wildlife especially in its western national parks such as Gombe and Mahale national parks.

Chimpanzees are of the wildlife species that are considered to be very social, they are able to live in communities with a lot of other animal species peaceful and wisely. They are also living their communities of dozens of chimpanzees which are headed and led by giant male popularly known as alpha male that is having his coalition of other males’ allies. Various researches have shown and proved that there are differences in characteristics among the male chimpanzees and female chimpanzees.

Scientifically, the female chimpanzees are considered to be more trustful and timid. According to the researches, the Intelligent Quotient of most chimpanzees is 25 IQ which is more representative for chimpanzees. Being one of the very endangered wildlife species in the world, chimpanzees are commonly available in just two famous national parks in Tanzania which are Gombe national park and Mahale mountains national park.

Also, chimpanzees are the animals that are believed to have high DNA genetic common ranging from 95 – 98%. This is also believed to be the same amount of DNA that human beings are sharing with these interesting wildlife species.

Chimpanzees are said to be one of the very few animals (if not) to be able to learn human languages as well as sign languages. Chimpanzees are said to possess the ability of learning various languages as well as sign and symbol languages. This is why chimpanzees share to almost 98% of their DNA with human beings. Researches have shown that chimpanzees have been able to learn various American sing languages and communicated with the caretakers.

Chimpanzees are also one of the very few wildlife animals that possess the ability to use various tools. Much like human beings, chimpanzees are able to make the utilization of self – made tools in order to feed and protect themselves and they have found the very ingenious ways of doing so. Chimpanzees can use tools like small branches for digging out the termites from their mounds, smashing rocks to crack open nuts special for searching the right length of twigs.

Chimpanzees are very creative in turning and using various tools making life simpler. This is highly done to their benefits and they are really intelligent and interesting.

Also, the chimpanzees are the omnivorous, they are very happy eating a lot of food species but more interested on the fruits as compared to other kinds of foods. Their diets almost consists everything from the insects, leaves, honey, seeds and sometimes roots. For a while, chimpanzees have also been recorder to be able to hunt for other wildlife species such as the small antelopes and monkeys.

Chimpanzees maintain teams work though eating remains an individual issue. Chimpanzees are taken as one of the good examples of wildlife species that maintains team working spirit. They usually conduct their hunting activities in their dozens and shares as a community whatever they get from their flesh.

Mahale Mountains National Park
Chimpanzee Trekking

Despite their similarity in DNA with human being, chimpanzees are very fearful to human being and to the extent that they usually maintain distance with humans. This is mostly done by the wild species of chimpanzees. Also, there have recorded some enmity between the two (chimpanzees and human being) whereby there are some records showing their enmity by chimpanzees attacking and killing human beings. This normally happens when human beings move to wildlife’s habitats and tries to destroy their habitats. So, they are taking that as their defensive mechanism.

The same as humans, chimpanzees are able to eat various species of foods such as fruits as well as meats. The list of their well known and much preferred foods are the fruits, leaves, nuts, mushrooms, plants, meat, insects and so much more.

Being that important and significant species, the few terrified species of chimpanzees needs the jointed efforts in ensuring that their species are preserved and they remained safe. This can be done by making sure that they are free from their enemies who may affect them in one or other way. This can be possible through; protecting them through various campaigns on ant poaching and effective enforcement of various laws available to safeguards wildlife interests.

Helping the governments in establishing and managing national parks. This is because there are very few places that these outstanding species are available (the popular ones are Gombe national park and Mahale mountains national park). This can be useful in reproduction of these scarcely species.

Also, monitoring their population can be taken as one of the ways towards their effective preservations so that we cannot ruin our great cultural heritage.

Again, encouraging suitable use of various resources such as forest resources in the areas especially parks where chimpanzees are available.