Canoeing At Selous Game Reserve

Canoeing At Selous Game Reserve : An Unforgettable Experience Guide For 2023-2024 : The Selous Game Reserve is one of Tanzania’s best-kept secrets and one of the country’s many natural wonders. With its abundance of elephants, crocodiles, hippos, and other animals, Selous offers a singular chance to experience Tanzania’s wildlife from a different angle: on a guided canoe safari along the Rufiji River.

Picture yourself silently floating down the river while taking in the breathtaking scenery of Selous Game Reserve. As you paddle, a herd of elephants crosses the river, their trunks spouting mud and water. A hippo in the distance yawns lazily, exposing its enormous teeth. A crocodile lazes on the riverbank in the sunshine, keeping a close eye on its surroundings. This is just a small sample of what you can see and do on a Selous canoe safari.

A canoeing safari, as opposed to a typical game drive, enables you to get close to the wildlife without interfering with their natural behavior. You can observe the animals without frightening them away thanks to the canoe’s gentle movements and the quiet paddling. The knowledgeable guides will navigate the river while pointing out the various bird and animal species that can be found in and around the Rufiji River. We’ve put together this Selous Game Reserve travel guide to assist you in organizing your canoe safari adventure.

Choosing the Right Time to Visit

In the Selous Game Reserve, the dry season, which typically lasts from June to October, is the ideal time to go canoeing. The river is at its lowest during this time, making paddling more relaxing and enjoyable. Additionally, it’s the time of year when animals congregate near rivers to drink, making it easier to see them.

Selecting the Right Canoe Safari Tour Operator

For your canoe safari in the Selous Game Reserve, it’s critical to select a reputable and knowledgeable tour operator such as Focus East Africa Tours. Choose a company that places a high priority on safety, has knowledgeable guides, and uses top-notch equipment. You can check out online reviews or consult your hotel or other travelers for recommendations.

Canoeing At Selous Game Reserve
Selous Game Reserve

Preparing for Your Canoe Safari

Make sure you pack appropriately before starting your canoeing adventure. You should pack insect repellent, a hat, and other sun protection measures. Additionally, you should wear loose-fitting, lightweight clothing that you can easily get wet and dry. Bring a waterproof bag with you to keep your belongings dry and secure.


Be ready to be awed by the breathtaking wildlife and scenery you will encounter once you are on the river. While navigating the canoe, your guide will identify the various bird and animal species that can be found in the Selous Game Reserve. To avoid upsetting the animals, keep your voice low and pay close attention to your guide’s instructions.

 During your visit to Selous Game Reserve, you might have the chance to go on a game drive or a guided walk in addition to canoeing. You can view the wildlife and landscapes from a different angle thanks to these activities.


Relax and unwind in one of the cozy lodges or camps in Selous Game Reserve after a day of paddling. Indulge in delectable regional fare, cool off in the pool, or just take in the scenery. You can also think back on your amazing canoe safari experience and make plans for your subsequent Tanzanian Safari adventure.

 The Selous Game Reserve offers a canoe safari unlike any other. It provides an opportunity to step back from the daily grind and forge deep connections with nature. You’ll be well-prepared for your trip and prepared to take in the beauty of Tanzania’s wildlife and landscapes from the river if you use this guide. Why not plan your canoeing trip right away and experience the magic of Tanzania’s wildlife and scenery?