Burigi Chato National Park

Burigi Chato National Park Tanzania dates back to the 1970s, when it was designated as a National Game Reserve. With an area of more than 2,200 square kilometers, the park is presently Tanzania’s third or fourth largest national park, following Ruaha, Nyerere, and Serengeti National Parks. Burigi Chato National Park encompasses the African Savannah’s grassland sections. This iconic attraction is nestled among the picturesque grandeur of the lakes and riverside, which is a tourist’s safari joy. It features a diverse range of animals, including carnivores, herbivores, and uncommon bird species, and is a must-see on any Tanzania Safari Excursion.

Various lakes may be found in the Burigi Chato National Park, including the famed Lake Victoria, which is shared by Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. Burigi Chato National Park is also only a few kilometers from Rwanda and Burundi. As a result, visitors to Burigi-Chato National Park can drive to a variety of East African attractions to make their safari tours more enjoyable.

 Burigi-Cho National Park Location

Burigi Chato National Park is a savannah grassland area of Africa near Lake Victoria on the Rwandan border, surrounded by the enchanting waters of the Kagera River and Lake Burigi. The park encompasses a variety of ecosystems, including Uganda’s Kikati game reserve and Rwanda’s Akagera National Park, as well as rangeland to the north of the Katungo River and Lake Mburo National Park. This national park is nestled among the enchanting beauty of the lakes and riverfront, providing a visual feast for every traveler interested in Tanzania Safari vocation. The Burigi Chato National Park location is busy all year, with visitors eager to explore the wonders of the area.

Burigi Chato National Park
Burigi Chato National Park

 Burigi-Cho National Park Wildlife

Elephants, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, waterbuck, eland, warthog, roan, topi, impala, sable, gorillas, chimpanzees, and many other smaller species are commonly observed throughout the park. Oribi can also be found in abundance. The swamp-dwelling sitatunga is a less frequent species. Big cats, including lions, leopards, and cheetahs, can be seen on many game drives on your Burigi chato safari-tours. In the lakes and rivers, there are also a lot of crocodiles and hippos. Fish eagles, papyrus ganolek, and the strange shoebill stork are among the common bird species found in the Burigi chato national park and for bird lover this might be a good news for you to enjoy your birding safari holiday in this area.

How to Get to Burigi Chato National Park

To get to Burigi-Chato National Park, fly to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city, to Bukoba Airport and then drive to Burigi, or fly from Dar es Salaam to Chato Airport and then drive to Burigi. Alternatively, from Serengeti to Burigi-Chato National Park, one can drive through Mwanza, Tanzania’s second largest city. Given the distance between Dar es Salaam and Burigi-Chato National Park (more than 1000 kilometers), it is preferable to fly rather than drive, unless you want to discover Tanzania and gain experience on a road trip.

Getting around: There are viewing paths that provide tourists access to more and more of the park as they explore and watch the animals. With prior permission from the park officials, boating and seeing wildlife from the lakes is also allowed to get more than you expected in your holiday safari vocation.

When is the best time to visit Burigi Chato National Park?

The park is open to visitors all year and so safaris and tours can be arranged at any time, but the dry season, from June to September, is best for game viewing, while the wet months, March to May, and November to December, are best for birding/ bird watching safari.

 What to Expect in Burigi Chato National Park

In your safari/ tour vocation Expect to discover a diverse range of natural landscapes and breathtaking mountainous scenery while visiting Burigi Chato National Park. You’ll also be able to see a variety of species, biological systems that have been protected, and beautiful lakes. Lions have just been introduced to the area, which is home to a variety of other creatures. Birds (Marabou stork hornbills, Fish Eagles, Guinea fowls, and ducks) and aquatic creatures (fish crocodiles, hippos),   abound the park and can be enjoyed in your safari to this new park.

Burigi Chato National Park
Fish Eagles

The beautiful grandeur of the Kagera River and Lakes, which include Burigi, NgomaKasinga/Nyarwambaire, Nyamalebe, and a portion of Lake Victoria, the Miombo Acacia Woodlands, and the array of catchment forests, which occupy the majority of the park, are just other of the few attraction/sights to view on your safari to Burigi Chato National Park.

Tourist activities/ What to Do in Burigi Chato National Park

Burigi Chato National Park offers a variety of activities. The park is still new, and some of the habitats are still virgin, making it a unique safari destination for a variety of tourist activities. Additionally, because of its size, the Burigi Chato offers a greater variety of activities in which you can participate and enjoy your safari in this new national park. Safari game drives, including early morning game drives, late evening game drives, and night game drives, are common things to do/ tourist activities in Burigi chato national park.

  • This park offers the best safari game drives, including early morning game drives, late evening game drives, and night game drives.
  • You may also go trekking or hiking in the park.
  • The National Park is ideal for honeymoon excursions, and couples will enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.
  • Don’t forget about camping and picnicking safaris, which are best done in this park because of the distinct ecology that makes this activity unique.
  • Canoeing is another enjoyable park activity.
  • The photography safari is the best portion since it allows you to take the best images of your Tanzania Safari Excursions.
  • You can also go on a cultural safari in the surrounding areas to learn about Tanzanian culture and participate in various local activities, such as learning how to produce native delicacies, which will leave an indelible memory in your mind.

Burigi Chato National Park is a great place to start or end a boat or yacht trip along Lake Victoria’s southern beaches and islands. A safari like this might begin or conclude in Musoma and include stops at Saanane and Rubondo Island National Parks. So, if you’re planning a Tanzania safari, don’t forget to include Burigi Chato National Park in your itinerary. You can Get Tanzania travel advice by contacting us for the most memorable trip of your life.