Best Nightlife Experiences In Arusha

Best Nightlife Experiences In Arusha : You’re Guide To The Best Clubs And Bars : Arusha, also known as “the Geneva of Africa,” is well-known as the gateway to Tanzania’s most popular Northern Safari circuit parks. The city is known as the “Safari Capital of Northern Tanzania” because it is located at the foothills of Mt. Meru, Kilimanjaro and other famous National Parks in Tanzania. However, the city is not only known for the fascinating and memorable safari adventures it provides but also for being a place where you can let loose for the night and party until you drop in a club or even enjoy chilled beers with your friends in a relaxed bar before or after your wonderful safari experience in the Serengeti National Park exploring the great wildebeest migration, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, or exploring the African big five animals in the Ngorongoro crater.

If you’re looking for exciting nighttime activities, Arusha has a thriving nightlife with a variety of clubs and bars. The top clubs and bars in Arusha are listed below for your enjoyment whenever you’re in town!


It is one of Arusha’s biggest and friendliest restaurants, located in the Sakina neighborhood. Triple A is a multipurpose establishment with a restaurant, a lounge, a bar, and a nightclub where guests can enjoy live music performances. The entrance is free; there is a large parking lot and security, but there is a charge to enter the nightclub. For those who enjoy sports and other activities, there is a separate lounge with a few televisions.


This is one of the best nightclubs and lounges in the city and is situated close to St. Thomas Hospital in the heart of Arusha. As stated in their tagline, this club will make you feel like a VIP with resident DJs spinning music from all genres, neon lights on the dance floor, and a variety of drinks at the bar.


The TFA Complex in Arusha is home to this sizable, contemporary bar, which is well-liked by foreigners living and working in the area. They have a wide variety of drinks and a great selection of music. In addition, they hold karaoke and live music performances. The DJs only play a variety of songs, from dancehall to reggae, during the workweek. The establishment has dart boards, pool tables, big sports screens, and a lounge bar.


One of the hippest spots to party in Arusha for revelers looking to experience Tanzanian nightlife with the locals is without a doubt Club D. it is situated On Sakina Road, in the Moshono neighborhood of Arusha. This club is filled with fun and excitement as the locals showcase the distinct regional flavor of this part of town. Wednesdays are ladies nights, and admission is free. Hip-hop, dancehall, and indigenous Tanzanian music are played while partygoers dance the night away.


You can find this little hidden gem of a place off Sokoine Road, heading in the direction of Nakumatt Supermarket. The club comes to life at night thanks to its stunning interiors and bright, sparkling lights. The local and Indian cuisine that is served here is delicious. Although the bar is small, a variety of drinks are served there. Indians, locals, and some expats are all present among the crowd, and the ambiance is excellent. After ten, the bar comes alive, and if you enjoy rock music, you’ll definitely break a leg here.


This cool area is part of TGT Arusha and is a great place to enjoy a cold beer while watching the sun set. With their ‘buy one, get one free’ offer on beers and wines, their happy hours are well-known throughout the city! Because of this, Friday nights are even more enjoyable for both locals and visitors.


On a Tuesday night, La Fiesta Lounge in Arusha is the place to be if you enjoy salsa moves and Latin dance instruction. It is situated in Njiro’s PPF Commercial Building. Do not worry if salsa is not your thing. The rest of the nights feature funky music as well as a wide variety of drinks at the bar. For those who enjoy watching sports on big screens, there are delicious plantains and roasted chicken or meat dishes available to fill you up before you start dancing.


Best Nightlife Experiences In Arusha
Best Nightlife Experiences In Arusha

The Boogaloo Nightclub is located in Arusha’s Njiro shopping center. Sports bars, cocktail bars, pool tables, and a VIP lounge are available to revelers. Before dancing the night away, you can feast at the barbecue grill. The club hosts performances by renowned DJs, and Fridays feature karaoke. When the music starts, there is a big floor for dancing and great music, Best Nightlife Experiences In Arusha


Boma Road’s Via Via Café has a pleasant outdoor area by the local museum. You will have a good time here because of the wide selection of drinks and food and the friendly staff. There is a ton of entertainment available, including live band performances, karaoke by locals, professional dancer showcases, and in-house pop music. The two bars at Via Via serve cocktails and regional beers, respectively. When you want to enjoy some culture along with your beer, head to this hotspot on Thursdays when it comes alive.


Put on your dancing shoes and hit the town tonight: You know where to go if you want to have some fun tonight. Go to one of these hot spots to party like an Arusha local. If you have anything to add to our list or would like to share your experience with us, please get in touch with us.