Arusha National Park Safari

Arusha National Park Safari is one of the greatest safari and tour park destinations in Tanzania. Arusha National Park, just a few kilometers from Arusha town and Kilimanjaro International Airport, is a one-of-a-kind park that offers visitors a unique experience. Despite the fact that the Arusha national park is not as well-known as other Tanzanian parks such as the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, and Mount Kilimanjaro national park, it is one of the few parks with more attractions, and safaris to this area have never disappointed visitors. I cannot guarantee that your experience at Arusha National Park, such as wildlife viewing, will be comparable to that of the famed Serengeti National Park, but you can rest assured that it will be unique and of more satisfaction.

The largest populations of giraffes, the fifth largest mountain in Africa (Mount Meru), and the unique vegetation and landscape (the park has more than four types of vegetation supporting a greater diversity of wild animals and bird species) are just a few of the attractions in Arusha National Park. Due to its small size, Arusha national park is considered a day trip safari destination, but for visitors with a larger budget, a safari to Arusha national park can take up to one week to explore all of the park’s beauty, from four days hiking to Mount Meru to canoeing safaris to walking safaris, and so on.

Arusha National Park is a small park with a wide range of safari options. Wildlife safaris, which can be done on a game drive or a walking safari, hiking safaris, which involve a four-day hike to Mount Meru, Tanzania’s second largest mountain, horseback riding safaris, which can be done within the park, city tour safaris, and cultural tours are all available in the Arusha national park. It is a tiny park with many tours that might make you stay in this park if you want to see all of the gorgeous areas of this park, yet some people claim that it is only a one-day safari tour, which is true if you’re only doing one tourist activity like game drives.

Arusha National Park Safari
horse back rides in arusha national park

A wildlife safari in Arusha National Park

This is one of the Tanzania safari and tourist experience given by the Arusha National Park. Arusha National Park is home to a variety of wild creatures that may be seen roaming freely within the park, with giraffe populations being particularly high when compared to the park’s other species. The park contains a diverse range of habitats and plants, which support a diverse range of wild creatures, making a wildlife safari to this national park both memorable and magnificent. Giraffe, Cape buffalo, zebra, warthog, black-and-white colobus monkey, blue monkey, flamingo, elephant, bushbuck, and many other African wildlife can be found in the Arusha national park.

The park also features predators, including two members of the Big Five, such as leopards and lions, but they are rarely observed in comparison to herbivores. The forest’s birdlife is abundant, with many forest species more easily observed here than elsewhere along the tourist route. Narina trogon and bar-tailed trogon are two probable highlights for visiting birders, while a variety of starling species provide less dazzling interest.

Game drives, which are divided into early morning game drives, late afternoon game drives, and night game drives, each with their own distinct experience in animal viewing, are available in the Arusha national park. Walking safaris are also available for wildlife watching, allowing tourists to get up close and personal with the Arusha national park’s habitats, plants, and wild animals. Another wildlife safari and game viewing activity in the park is canoeing, which is done at Momella Lake. This not only allows you to see animals while on a safari boat, but it also provides you with a good opportunity to see flamingos because the lake has larger populations of flamingos.

Arusha national park hiking safari

This is another safari in the Arusha national park; unlike other national parks, the Arusha national park offers both animal and hiking safaris, which can be combined or done independently. Mount Meru, Tanzania’s second tallest peak and Africa’s fifth largest, is located in the Arusha national park, giving hikers the opportunity to put their physical talents to the test. Mount Meru is a 4566-meter active volcano located 70 kilometers west of Mount Kilimanjaro. It takes a maximum of four days to climb to the top and return. Some argue that Meru is actually more difficult, and it is certainly quieter. As a result, there is a lot more wildlife to observe, and the sense of isolation and solitude is much stronger than on the surrounding, more well-known summit.

The mountain is the focal point of Arusha National Park, and its fertile slopes rise above the surrounding grassland, supporting a forest that is home to a varied range of wildlife, including approximately 400 bird species, as well as monkeys and leopards. As they approach and climb the mountain, hikers will be able to witness a variety of species. Mount Meru’s ascent is fairly steep in sections, and the path to the summit passes through grasslands, tropical rainforest, alpine meadows, moorlands, and desert uplands before reaching snow. A thin, barren slope leads to the peak, which offers spectacular views of the Ash Cone, which lies several hundred feet below in the crater.

Arusha National Park Safari
Hiking Tours

Arusha National Park horse riding safari.

This is another Arusha national park safari offered by various companies. Horseback riding is a unique type of activity and attraction in Tanzania, and it is only offered by a few firms and is only available in a few national parks, including Arusha, Lake Manyara, and the Serengeti. The dense vegetation of Arusha National Park is home to a large number of big game, several primate species, including the black and white colobus monkey, flamingos, and numerous birds. This horse ride is suitable for intermediate and experienced riders due to the resident big game in the forest and glades.

Arusha National Park Safari
Colobous Monkeys

The majority of horseback rides to Arusha National Park begin at Ngongongare Gate and take you through the lower half of the park. The main goal is to see scenery and game from a horse, and the riding pace is sluggish due to the terrain and dense forest. The horseback riding path will take you into the Little Serengeti, where you will likely see buffalo, giraffe, zebra, and antelope. In addition, the ride will take you up into the forest, where you will enjoy a saddle snack lunch in a beautiful setting. You must be able to react to the movement of wildlife that may frighten the horse throughout the journey to Arusha National Park. Because you may be compelled to gallop out of difficulty, these rides require an “intermediate” level of competence.

Arusha national park Cultural safaris and city tours

Another Arusha national park safari that can be done just outside the park’s boundaries. The cultural and city tour in Arusha includes visits to the Waarusha and Maasai tribes, which are located adjacent to the Arusha national park, as well as visits to local farms, such as coffee farms, where you can meet and interact with locals and learn about how they practice local farming and cultivation. The cultural/city tour in the Arusha national park can be added to your safari package and itinerary at the end of your hiking and wildlife safaris in the Arusha national park.

Arusha national park safari you will be able to see different tourist attractions such as wild animals, birds, mount meru, Momella lakes, ngurdoto crater, different waterfalls, the Serengeti Ndogo, uwanja wa mbogo etc. but also you will get a chance of doing different tourism activities such as hiking, walking safaris, game drives, canoeing etc.