Are Tanzanians Friendly?

Are Tanzanians Friendly? Everything To Know Before You Visit : All it takes to understand why so many people decide to travel to Tanzania for vacation is to look at a single image of the nation. Tanzania is a country rich in animals and breathtaking natural beauty. This is one of the main reasons why so many people travel to Tanzania for safaris, but there are other reasons why people travel there: the local people there.

People are drawn to Tanzanian culture because it is far friendlier than Western society. We’ll examine a multitude of topics, including whether or not Tanzanians are kind, in our travel guide. Thus, continue reading if you’re interested in learning more!


So, let’s get started and examine whether or not Tanzanians are friendly. We obviously can’t speak for everyone because we are all unique. But, in general, Tanzanians are indeed friendly. In general, Tanzanians are highly kind and friendly to tourists, and they usually greet them with open arms.

 Tanzanians have a strong sense of national pride, which plays a major role in this. It is also a result of Tanzania’s extremely diverse population. Given that over 120 distinct ethnic groups coexist in Tanzania, it makes sense that a large portion of the population will be hospitable to foreign visitors.

Most Tanzanians will be incredibly friendly. But the best approach to guaranteeing a positive encounter with Tanzanian locals is to familiarize yourself ahead of time with their customs and culture. Travelers frequently make the mistake of neglecting cultural differences in other nations. Therefore, the best approach to making sure you will get along with Tanzanians is to make sure you are respectful of their values at all times by doing your homework before you travel.

 Tanzania is a nation that hospitably greets visitors. Since every stranger has the potential to become a friend, Tanzanian culture places a strong emphasis on greeting strangers.

Since shaking hands is a major aspect of Tanzanian society, it is not unusual for a native to approach you, shake your hand, and say “jambo.” In Tanzanian, this means “hello,” therefore you should return the favor.

 Since Tanzanians value friendliness greatly, the best way to be welcomed in this country is to exhibit your own warmth and gregariousness. You will soon find that the community where you are staying will accept you if you smile and try to interact with others.


Yes, Tanzania is generally a safe destination to visit. Tanzania is among the safest countries in Africa to visit, and the only true risks involved with visiting are similar to those encountered when visiting most other nations.

  • Before you plan your trip to Tanzania, make sure to read our comprehensive information on staying safe while traveling there. Let’s briefly go over a few of the key elements, though.
  • Pickpocketing and scamming are the most frequent crimes in Tanzania that put tourists in danger.
  • Small-scale scams are frequently perpetrated by gangs, who use kids as props to divert tourists’ attention while stealing their personal items.
  • Pickpocketing has increased because tourists are a prime target for sly thieves. It is more prevalent in crowded areas and on public transportation.
  • Scams and pickpocketing, however, rank among the most prevalent crimes in numerous famous travel destinations.
  • You can defend yourself against these crimes by exercising caution and vigilance at all times. Tanzania is a generally safe destination, albeit this.

    Are Tanzanians Friendly?
    Are Tanzanians Friendly?


As previously said, the ideal approach to guaranteeing a cordial welcome from Tanzanians when visiting is to be cognizant of and respectful of local customs. Let’s now examine a few cultural customs that you ought to be aware of.

Great people individually

It’s rather normal to stroll into a room full of people and say hello to everyone at once in most Western countries. In fact, most of the time, it would be regarded as weird if you walked around the room wishing everyone a happy birthday. In Tanzania, nevertheless, this isn’t the situation.

 It is customary to welcome each person individually in Tanzania. Thus, if you travel to Tanzania, try to say hello to each individual you meet. This is just what Tanzanians consider to be courteous and kind.

Always use your right hand.

The left hand is considered unclean in Tanzania since it is utilized for personal hygiene tasks. As a result, you should only wipe yourself after using the restroom with your left hand. You should not use it for eating, greeting others, or any other purpose. Greeting locals with your left hand extended is a surefire way to irritate them. Therefore, even though your dominant hand is your left, use your right hand to maintain good relations.



  • Dress modestly
  • Respect cultural boundaries.
  • Respect your elders.
  • Greet people with your right hand.
  • Greet people individually.


  • Wear revealing clothes.
  • Greet people with your left hand.
  • Hold hands, kiss, or hug in public.


In summary, Tanzanians are generally friendly. Do your homework beforehand and be mindful of cultural limits to avoid offending any Tanzanians. But in general, you will be greeted with friendliness in Tanzania as long as you arrive friendly and willing to converse with locals.​